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1471 Jerry Mashek Dr West, TX 76691
1471 Jerry Mashek DriveUSTexasWest76691
(254) 826-5309
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"Small fertilizer companies number in the thousands throughout the Unites States."
"Prayers for those affected by the West explosion."
"This plant killed 40people."
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Christopher john Browne
2 years ago
I have operated an ammonium fertiliser plant larger than this. there appears to be a lot of misinformation. Anhydrous ammonia is not explosive under any circumstances. Ammonium Nitrate is also not explosive unless it is mixed with diesel or some other inflammable, and then detonated. For example, my local fertiliser supplier has 6 tonnes of bagged ammonium sulphate on the floor in the warehouse, open to the public and within a densely populated area, thus demonstrating this. However buying it requires a whole raft of forms etc, even foe me, a qualified industrial chemist with 50 years experience in the industry, to prevent access by terrorists. What is highly explosive however, is liquid Hydrogen, one of the two key raw materials. This is usually formed from natural gas or by electrolysis of water. It is then stored on site in pressure vessels as liquid. I can see these on the Google Map of the site. As such it is equivalent to rocket fuel and in fact was used as such in the space shuttle program. If the explosion had involved anhydrous ammonia and/or ammonium nitrate as the cause, nobody within at least a 1 mile radius would have survived, due to suffocation or choking from toxic fumes. Therefore I think this was almost certainly a terrorist attack in an attempt to gain access to significant ammonium sulphate solid. If just 20-30 kg (1/2 a bag) had been available and been used in the pressure cooker bombs in Boston, combined with diesel and detonators/mobile phones the death toll would probably have been hundreds. They are bound to have been disappointed with the result. The fact that nobody has claimed credit suggests the the mission is still not completed!
• • •
Tim Smith
2 years ago
Check out all the rust on the tanks and stains on the ground from the satillite map...Good job on maintaining a safe and clean worksite...NOT! The timing of the blast looks like the Fire Dept may have tried to put out the fire with water ....I have a little hasmat training and some basic chemistry and I think that H2O and this type of fire do not mix....The powers at be have a DUTY to keep people safe... They failed big time! The state of Texas et al will pay out millions.. Rick Perry and the anti- guvment crowd of anti -science, anti -regulation, anti-zoning wing nuts play fast and loose with people lives....and those poor souls in West , Texas paid big time ...all Rick has is to offer prayer and to beg again to Obama for help. So it goes.......
• • •
Faith Glenn's profile photo
Faith Glenn
2 years ago
While I KNOW that this was a horrible incident, the people that own the company are NOT responsible for this. The plant has been there for decades, so as for the zoning of it, all of the residential homes, nursing home and schools were built around the plant not the other way around. Why is it that as a society we all only try to point fingers and place blame? Forget about the people that need our thoughts, prayers and helping hands! Especially the owners of the plant and the people who lost their loved ones! No, it is not some huge corporation that came in and built the plant. No, it is not a business that doesn't care about the town! These people live in this town, work in this town, and go to church in this town! They love this town and all of the people in it! They were not and are not out to destroy their home! Why must we continue to point fingers and place blame, especially when most of you have no idea what you are talking about? I don't know about all of you but I was taught that if I don't have something nice to say to keep my mouth shut. Maybe you can all take a lesson from your mothers or grandmothers and do the same. It breaks my heart to read so many ridiculous reviews on things that most of you know nothing about! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, and we will do nothing more than pray for the community, offer all of the support, and help that we can without asking for something in return. Maybe, just maybe some of you can do the same, rather than trying to research something you do not know a thing about, or speak poorly of the people that own the plant, or the people that built around it. If you want to type a review about it, try typing encouraging words to the community rather than hateful words of discouragement! How would you want to be treated if it were you?
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Jeremy Brosnan's profile photo
Jeremy Brosnan
2 years ago
The last time something like this happened was in Las Vegas NV on May 4, 1988. Pepcon Disaster was at the time the largest industrial accident blast.. it may still be, but this comes close, Many of the Same Chemicals are involved. WHO was the Genius that OKed a School that clost to this, and a Old Age home? They should be Fired...
Jesse Nealon's profile photo
Jesse Nealon
2 years ago
I'm surprised no one is talkin bout how this very well may hv been done as an act of terrorism. I've been sayin that it wasn't an accident since I first learned of this. Something in all the details made me just feel it. This was when everyone was convinced it was an accident. Just heard the other day their finding new evidence and making my intuition right on.
Doug Wilkie
2 years ago
What zoning guidelines did the town use to allow a subdivision to be built beside a fertilizer plant? The town planning commission and the mayor have a lot of questions to answer. The danger area for this type of plant should be the same as if it was mading explosives. WOW what a mistake. Stupid is what stupid does.
Kim Feil's profile photo
Kim Feil
2 years ago
Jobs at any cost. Low natural gas price feedstock for “lets poison or blow us up” products isn’t logical. The Magnablend explosion (fracking chemical mixing plant) should have been a wake up call. Any supporting or benefitting company in bed with natural gas and its mafia is to stop and look hard at whats happened here. I live in Arlington Gasland Texas where we have 60 URBAN padsites in a 99 sq mile area. City Council feels we should co-exist, but it isn’t a peaceful coexistance when odors come into your home, sicken people around the Cowboys Stadium (1/31/2013), and not one nuisance violation against Chesapeake is found...and even if they did fine them, it would be only up to $2,000. No...our Planning and Zoning and City Councils serve only the industry and those greedy for blood money. Blood money in the form of royalties which has turned out to be a more like a scam in the big scheme of what we gave up (health/safety and peaceful enjoyment of our properties) in signing away our mineral rights in residential areas. More of these disasters will continue as long as industry mixes with residential and school properties. No one is enforcing TEX LG. CODE ANN. A§ 253.005 : Texas Statutes – Section 253.005: LEASE OF OIL, GAS, OR MINERAL LAND “(c) A well may not be drilled in the thickly settled part of the municipality..” and Texas Administrative Code, Title 30, Part 1, Chapter 101, Subchapter A, Rule 101.4, Environmental Quality, Nuisance. Its a Gov. Perry free for all ya’ll. BOOM-get used to it or stop electing industry friendly local, state and federal representatives.
• • •
David Rolf
2 years ago
What corporation owns this plant? Who is the CEO? What did we learn from the similar Texas City explosion in 1947? Why does the CHEMICAL SAFETY BOARD constantly get stonewalled from valuable investigation is Texas? What would be the public reaction if this was associated with a nuclear energy facility? What would be the public reaction if a foreign national, rather than a US corporation were responsible? WHO IS THAT CORPORATION????? I HAVE SEARCHED THE INTERNET AND NEWS MEDIA ALL NIGHT AND CAN''T LEARN THIS . WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THIS IS?
• • •