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Some fun and min-boggling facts about penis sizes, overstatement, understatement and condoms for your Friday entertainment. Hope you enjoy it!

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Which countries lie about penis size, how condom marketing boost the male ego and what can go wrong with rubbers! 
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What are your field / study experiences with HIV home testing?

At, our vision is to empower sexually active to manage their sexual health at home - including all testing. We are not there yet in this country but the Oraquick/Home Access home sample/test offers a consumer option for self-testing/collection at home.

So my questions would be:
- Have you deployed them in the field? Either handed them out or sent them to patients?
- Is there a higher adherence rate to home testing rather than having patients come to a clinic?
- Any other interesting observations?

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Our latest blog article deals with the question if HIV Criminilzation laws are approrpriate or medieval? Krass sentences, scientific findings, and new suggestions.
25 years prison for HIV Non-Disclosure. Medieval or Appropriate?
Last week I got a first and powerful impression of the stigma and fear that still surrounds HIV/Aids. At the Roxie Theater in San Francis...
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