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It is Friday. It is sunny. It is warm. It is dry. This is Scotland. My dahlias are starting to put on a show. What more could you want? Enjoy your weekend, folks!
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Sonja McAlister

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+David Paterson  -  They are enormous, and as you said there are usually three lorries in a row. I wonder if they ever get stuck, some of these roundabouts must be difficult to negotiate even on the wrong side.
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+David Paterson
...I was thinking of putting it under your post anyway, but decided that would have been impolite ;-)
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It is damp and unpleasant today, hope the sun returns soon, like it was here a few days ago. Have a good weekend, all!
#photography #scotland #flowers #woodland #bluebells  
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A beautiful walk, have a great weekend too!
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Damp and miserable, so I fell back on an old image to play with. And now it's hunt the bunny time, after finding half of my newly planted border eaten this morning, grr!.
#photography #garden #flowers #scotland  
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+hervé leon
Thank you, +hervé leon !
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Happy Friday, Folks. No photograph today, well not a 'proper' one anyway, as I have a drawing instead. Introducing. Lilly.
in German
or English
#drawing #portrait #pets #pencil #pencildrawing #artist   #art #scotland #moray  
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Amazing, Sonja...beautiful work!
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Some bad memories with this one, lol. Have a great weekend, all!
#photography #macrophotography #computer #scotland #sunsrays  
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Sonja McAlister

Summer has arrived!
Lady's mantle / Alchemilla vulgaris.
And thanks for the invite!   :-)
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+hervé leon  thank you! I did manage to figure that one out, luckily, thanks to google. I am useless at speaking it though, I am ashamed to say ;-)
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The sun is out. Though so is the pesky rabbit, sadly. There will be no flower border before long at this rate.
#photography   #garden #flowers #scotland  
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I am sure there are plenty from what I have read +Turtle Mull, natural and not so natural. Unfortunately the effectiveness is a bit debatable, especially when it rains a lot. You have to keep re-applying, which is work intensive and costly if you have a large garden. In my desperation I have hurriedly put up chicken wire fencing around the border which also cost a bit and isn't too pretty, but at least it's a one-off. And in case it fancies something to eat I have put out the rabbit trap (it catches, doesn't kill) with some spare cosmos plants in it since it liked them so much before. Thing is, I haven't seen the critter since, all that work and money and now he's changed his mind? Or is he planning something else, like an assault on my vegetables, maybe? As for the trap, it's a token gesture anyway, I have set it up before but the bunnies are too clever to go in. However, always worth trying I guess.
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These are cold nights we are having just now, hope that improves soon. Having to wrap my flowering fruit trees and bushes in fleece is kind of annoying. On that note here are some cool mellow colours to welcome the weekend.
#photography #garden #flowers #rose #scotland  
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Thank you +Lynn McAlister, and thank you to all the folks who dropped by and plussed!
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Have her in circles
580 people
Pencil Portrait Artist and a bit of this and that. Photographer, Gardener, Crafter....
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I smile, I dig, I pick, I click, I draw, I paint, I make, I look, I see, I watch - a while - and smile.
Mostly, I draw people and animals from photographs, but I like making things in general. And I love my garden and watching everything grow.

Hm, I got my first DSLR not long ago. Just a basic entry level one. But it's getting put to plenty use and some of the results will turn up here for folk to review and tell me where I'm going wrong. There's lots to learn!

Here are some of my attempts:

Or visit (and please follow) my new photoblog:

My drawings and other art and craft work will turn up here:
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