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God Gave us Family
Seeing the cover of God Gave us Family, reminded me of the book I recently reviewed, When God Made You . The book's illustrations appeared to be very similar. I knew we really enjoyed When God Made You so I thought we would check it out. I had requested the...

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The Graphic History of an American Founding Father
Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton is still popular despite the time lapsed from when the Broadway show caught viral fire. I got this book hoping it would be a more visual representation of Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton book which is what the musical ...

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When God Made You By Matthew Paul Turner Illustrated by David Catrow
I got this book for my little dude because we love reading books and the cover looked amazingly beautiful. It had received really high remarks from other reviewers. People mentioned a lot of diversity being displayed in this book and they were correct! This...

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Rad Women, Rad Baby
I grabbed this book thinking that it would be a cool topic to discuss with my 2 year old. Following the #HeForShe movement closely, I want to make sure my baby boy grows up nurtured in the right way. I thought this book might be too high level or too intens...

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Striking Book for a Joke Gift
I grabbed this book as a joke for a friend. Since we love Arrested Development and the cover is one of the stars of the show, I thought what better than to give this to him as a prank. Had I flipped through the actual book, I would've realized my mistake. T...

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Sayings for the Mom
I grabbed this book for mom for Christmas. I thought for the woman that likes to hang sayings and signs on the wall, what better than an illustrated book of sayings. Judging from the picture online it appears to be a wider coffee table book. It's actually a...

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Fairies Fairies Everywhere
We ordered this book for our younger cousins who absolutely love everything to do with Fairies. They love the typical fairies Disney has produced as off shoots from Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, but more so they love them in general. They've created little fairy...

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The I Quit Sugar Cookbook
This book does a good job of using everyday language to explain scientific ideas with some really great recipes. I've been getting a lot of these cookbooks lately. My sister has been
on a long term health kick and this was to help keep that going. The

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306 Recipes with Sugar
I've been getting a lot of these cookbooks lately. My sister has been on a long term health kick and this was to help keep that going. The recipes in here were definitely hit or miss for me, but she really enjoyed all of the ones she has tried. I think ther...

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Fast Metabolism Food Rx
The cover of this book is what really grabbed me. It is big, bold, and colorful, but what I really like is the alluding to changing your metabolism based on your diet. I've had this work with me and my tea drinking, so I am very interested in other ways of ...
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