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I'm now Tia Fomenoff... Google me
I'm now Tia Fomenoff... Google me

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In case you're as addicted to searching on Urban Dictionary as I am:

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Got any good stories of your own to add?

In order to dial up your marketing, you have to be truly tuned into the conversations that are happening around you. I’ve rounded up a few examples that demonstrate how proactive monitoring can help you cultivate loyal customers and, ultimately, land money in your pocket.

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If you're looking to amp up your email marketing, +Stephan Hovnanian's going to have some excellent tips for you in the new year! Make sure you sign up to watch the series :) 
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Customer expectations are higher than ever before, and we have the tech & tools to deliver them a personalized, engaging experience on every marketing channel out there.

So why are so many email marketing programs still stuck in the "batch and blast" stone age? You can't get the ROI that email marketing studies report unless you Get Smart About Email Marketing.

Want more? Go to

#emailmarketing   #emailstrategy   #shoviwebsites  +Stephan Hovnanian 

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It's been awhile, but I'm writing again! 

Don't be a lonely marketer... send your social media traffic to a dedicated landing page:

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+Unbounce & +ConversionXL are hosting a special European Edition of #PageFights  next week. featuring CRO expert +André Morys! Get your landing page on the show for live advice:

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I'm hiring a Community Manager in Germany! Preferably based out of Berlin, this remote position will work with our social team to build +Unbounce's brand across the world.  Here are all the details: 

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Hey guys! We embed our HOAs on a landing page using the YouTube embed URL that's generated when the Google+ HOA Event is created but I thought if we added a trailer to the event it would show on the embed version as well then flip over automatically when the live stream begins.

I had the trailer showing on a previous episode's landing page, but now it doesn't seem to be working for our new one ( and I'm wondering if it was something I just replaced manually. I can't remember. Right now it just shows the countdown to the live event. 

Does anyone know if there is a solution to this? Or do I have to use the trailer's YouTube URL during registration period then manually replace it with the HOA's before showtime?

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I love all of +Jennifer Havice's posts :) Copywriting seems to be a hot topic these days.

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Hey friends—test yo'self on our new quiz!

I expect you all to get 100% ;) 

Good luck ->
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