Good morning, Simplexity Friends. Yesterday we suffered a shock and - let's be clear - an injustice. Today we have to make our way in the world where that happened. So let's talk about how we will do that.

I am no particular expert, so this is just one perspective, and I hope others will share their own insights. But members of my family have had the privilege over the past year of being counseled by Doctor Kathleen Nadeau, one of the genuine eminences of her field. She's written numerous books and coached hundreds of clients in situations like ours. Here's some advice I recently heard her give that I think breaks no confidentiality agreements:

Everybody says we need to treat job-hunting like a job. But what does that mean? Put hours per day into it, sure, but how? Everybody who's ever worked knows that it's possible to put hours per day into something productively, and hours per day into something unproductively.

Doctor Nadeau says Step One is to dress and act the part. Get out of bed. Shower. Shave whatever you normally shave. Dress like you would for work. And, to the extent practical, leave. Get out the door. Go to the library or the coffee shop for at least four hours. Do this routinely, on a schedule. You may think four hours on the couch poking around (is that still a thing?) in your sweats is "treating jobhunting like a full-time job." But it's not treating yourself like a full-time worker. It's not treating yourself with respect.

We need to treat ourselves with respect. Each other too. Those of you I've heard from have been wonderfully kind. But especially, we need to act like we are going concerns. As I type this, I am dressed like I would have dressed for the office today. Many of you are thinking, "That's a pretty low bar to clear, Jim." Fair enough! But I cleared it. I'm actually dressed like one of my better days. Today. Today was easy. Tomorrow I have to clear it too. So may we all.

And feel free to share your own tips in comments, or your own status updates.
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