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Jack Aaron
London/Manchester-based Socionics enthusiast.
London/Manchester-based Socionics enthusiast.
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Nero (SEI): Personality Type Analysis
Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus , originally Lucius
Domitius Ahenobarbus, usually known simply as Nero , was the 5 th Roman Emperor, reigning from 54 to 68. Along with his uncle Caligula ( EIE ), he is the
most (in)famous of all emperors, with the ...

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Barack Obama (IEI) - Personality Type Analysis
Barack Hussein Obama is an American
lawyer, book author and politician who is currently serving as the 44 th President of the United States. He was born in Hawaii in 1961. His father and namesake was a Kenyan student who
met his American mother, Ann Dunham,...

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Albert Einstein (ILE): Personality Type Analysis
Albert Einstein was a German-born, Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist, best known for his prolific contributions to science. His early work can best be summarised in his ' Annus Mirabilis'  papers of 1905, where four separate writings in the same yea...

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LSI - Logical Sensory Integrator
This is the profile for the Logical Sensory Integrator (LSI). To see more type profiles, click here . Emmeline Pankhurst 1. Laws The need for strict adherence to order is the main drive for LSIs, who demand a structured and consistent way of viewing their w...

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SLE - Sensory Logical Energiser
This is the profile for the Sensory Logical Energiser (SLE). To see more type profiles, click here .  Donald Trump 1. Force SLEs are ambitious, active individuals who are unparalleled in their ability to get what they want. Rapidly in tune with the lay of t...

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Socionics Type Profiles
Here is an easy reference list for the profiles of the sixteen Socionics types. Just click on the type name to read the profile. Alpha Intuitive Logical Energiser (ILE) Sensory Ethical Integrator (SEI) Ethical Sensory Energiser (ESE) Logical Intuitive Integ...

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Sam Harris (LIE): Personality Type Analysis
Samuel Benjamin "Sam" Harris  is an author, philosopher and neuroscientist, known for being one of the 'Four Horsemen of New Atheism' alongside Christopher Hitchens ( ESI ), Richard Dawkins ( LSE ) and Daniel Dennett ( ILE ). Sam Harris is commonly known fo...

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Learning by Socionics Type
Disclaimer: Socionics is not yet a science, and this advice is more speculative based on an understanding of the types.  Like other things, the sixteen types of Socionics vary in their ability to learn new information and how they prefer to learn that infor...

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Gisele Bündchen (SEI): Personality Type Analysis
Gisele Caroline Bündchen is a now semi-retired Brazilian fashion model - a 'supermodel' -  and occasional actress and singer, now also active as a goodwill ambassador for the UN. Her career started at 14 when she was spotted at a shopping mall in S ã o Paul...

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ESI - Ethical Sensory Integrator
Margaret Thatcher 1. Relations Foremost to the ESI is their focus on personal integrity and strength of character. ESIs are largely motivated by the strength of their personal convictions, providing personal feeling of what around them is good and what is e...
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