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I do not understand how Apple were granted patents on Tuesday for things that are already in public use. I must go patent the automobile/horseless carriage before somebody else does.
The US Patent office has granted a whopping 25 patents to Apple, that cover almost every aspect of the smartphone experience as we know it. The patent war is about to reach a thrilling climax as Apple...
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'They' need distractions, so they allow silly things to distract us from the real stuff.
Could you imagine what would happen if Android was stopped? Millions of phones inactive. People claiming refunds from cell phone companies. This would be nuclear. 
I wonder if I would be able to patent the telephone and cripple everyone? 
All smartphone makers now form an alliance, destroy Apple and share the spoils.

Patent Office should allow patents owned by Humanity, and not give those to others. Anyone should be allowed to claim a patent 'for Humanity'.
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