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How to mount an ISO file in ubuntu?
Maybe, instead of installing additional software, you can use what the system has to this end: Create a directory to serve as the mount location: sudo mkdir /media/iso Mount the ISO in the target directory: sudo mount -o loop path/to/iso/file/YOUR_ISO_FILE....

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How to Install PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.1 on Ubuntu 16.04, 14.04 or 12.04 using PPA

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how to use ssh to run shell script on a remote machine?
If Machine A is a Windows box, you can use Plink (part of  PuTTY ) with the -m parameter, and it will execute the local script on the remote server. plink root@MachineB - m local_script . sh If Machine A is a Unix-based system, you can use: ssh root@Machine...

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How to run composer as www-data
 sudo -u www-data /usr/local/bin/composer install

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Brightness is reset to Maximum on every Restart in ubuntu
sudo apt-get install xbacklight  xbacklight -set 50

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if you consider the current theory (a #MUFG capsule in #Ingress   has 1% chance to duplicate each slot, each day), here is a small graphic that plots the mean number of items created depending of the number of items initially in the capsule.

As you can see, it is almost linear from 0 to 96 (the maximum). After that, the fact that you can "lose" duplicated items from the lack of empty slots dramatically drops the mean, down to 0 for 100 (full capsule don't do anything).

The maximum is obtained for 96 items, and the mean is 0.9566 (almost 1 new item each day) with probability 38.1% of getting 0 new object, 36.95% of getting 1 new object, 17.73% of getting 2 new objects,  5.61% of getting 3 and 1.61% of getting 4.

Note that you still have a probability of 2.1% not to get anything for 4 consecutive days, so it may seem quite chaotic, but on the long run, remember that it's almost 1 item a day (but don't forget to remove down to 96 items each day)...

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How to SSH to a VirtualBox guest externally through a host?
Network in NAT

port forward
Host port 2222, guest port 22, name ssh, other left blank
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