Relatively new subreddit from Reddit called r/Frisson. Frisson is the feeling you experience when some song or speech seems to excite when you hear your favorite parts. Starting with tingling in the back of the head, then traveling down the spine and into the limbs, this feeling is amazing, and most people experience it. The sensation results from your brain actually releasing dopamine either in response to these auditory cues, or even the anticipation of a particularly favorite moment in a song or movie is enough to trigger it. This subreddit is a place for people to share songs, videos, and speeches that have triggered frisson for themselves. Many are great songs, but the feeling of frisson in most of these posts is incredible.

Edit: I also just found this site that lets you play songs from subreddits that you choose;
This link is only for the frisson subreddit, but if you want to add more they have that option.
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