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Oh The Places You'll Go
So much can
happen in two years. You can quit
your job, blow up your life, pick up a couple of new professions, fall in love,
accidentally take a trip around the world…Boom. Just like that. Two years
ago today I walked away from my job as a nursing home psy...

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My Nepali Time Machine
I love the communal nature of life here, especially in rural Nepal. When electricity is limited and unpredictable, sunlight is not wasted, so in the villages, the day begins as the sky lightens at 4:45am.
Lazy Westerner that I am, I stayed abed until 5:30am...

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What is a daughter worth?
As I sit on the ground and write this, I am a great
curiosity to this group of chickens. As long as they don’t poop on me or my
computer, we’re cool.  Stay back or you're dinner, birdies. This is not a drill. Last night's chicken was DELICIOUS. Besides bein...

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Whiling away an afternoon in rural Nepal...
Despite being high on a mountain in the northern Nepali village I visited, it was blisteringly and mindfryingly hot during the day. And luckily the villagers were experts in knowing exactly which spots had the best shade and the best breeze at any given tim...

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Captains log, May 13-18, 2014
Tuesday  1000 hours Only moments before departure, learn
my three day trip is suddenly six. If I were to ask why, I'd get "Welcome
to Nepal." I have learned not to ask.  Wednesday 1130 hours Yet again confirm that the "What sounds does this animal make in y...

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I can't believe I ever wanted to be a zookeeper. Animals are nothing but drama, man!

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If we could all agree that 6am is too early for this
I love how colorful everything is in Nepal, especially the trucks and buses. If I wouldn't likely end up with some kind of lung disease from the ever-present clouds of dust and exhaust, I'd love to wander the streets and just take pictures of all the crazy ...

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Bathroom humor (trauma?) in time for Mother's Day

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I think it was the jackals that pushed me over the edge
Confession: I am a lifelong bathroom
anxiety sufferer. Thanks to a traumatizing pants-wetting incident at a Blue
Angels air show some 30 years ago (NO, I will NOT squat where everyone can see
my pearly white heinie, thankyouverymuch), I can’t leave the hous...
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