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to goldly blow where no man has blonde before...
to goldly blow where no man has blonde before...


What a week I have had.
I'll have to attribute it to the eclipse in some way. I've been cleaning up lots of broken glass this week. I came home one night to thousands of tiny fragments of glass all over the kitchen. The microwave was gone and a note left there by my professed Junkie roommate- "Microwave is broken".
That particular person didn't want to take responsibility for it, which left me cleaning something long over due.
We may have had the attempted break in that night or the following night... involving the microwave or not. Screwdriver jam marks in all the doors. They really mangled my door and lock- they werent very good at getting in, and happily, I get to keep all my possessions.
So now I have a groovy security system where I can watch everyone going to the bathroom. Yes, going into the bathroom, not sitting on the toilet. I ll have to put that camera in later ;) The videos are saved and piped to my phone.
This little bit of story combined with a number of others has motivated me to ask the roommate to move on. Not locking the doors may have led to the break in (no key was needed).
Oh and I have started a wonderful new job- the guy training me in the truck is a chain smoking, "back seat driving", road raging, alcoholic- you know, the bitterly angry, screaming kind. I say he is an alcoholic, since I am doing his job while he waits out his DUI/suspended sentence.
One morning a few days ago, while on my way to the yard I was simply waiting in the endless morning traffic jam. Sitting still in the vehicle behind a truck, when my drivers window exploded in my face. I was eating glass, wearing glass, am still cleaning glass. I think what happened is a truck tie-down clasp was dangling off of a load going by, swinging and flailing. I thought perhaps a large stone, but no evidence was found...I got out an looked for a grassy nole but no shooters anywhere.
It gave me a fun trip to the wreckers, got a replacement for 25$. Getting it in the door properly, may be another story.
Oh' I have given my trainer an ultimatum, every time he wants to smoke, Ill stop the truck and let him finish it, then proceed on the trip... until 30 seconds later until the next cigarette, I dont think we will get far, but thats OK- they are paying me by the hour. Or we can pronounce my training complete! Everyone is only a phone call away anyways.
Isnt there some sort of labor laws regarding exposing employees to noxious environments? Yes I am sure I could report them.
I realize that this little ultimatum addressing the addictive behavior and lack of concern in my training partner may have cost me my job- but there is only so much road rage and second hand smoke I can take- even with the windows down.
I said those things will give you cancer, He said "too late for that".
And on that happy note, I end my broken glass, eclipse laden week of dealing with giant man children.

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Anyone interested in a Vancouver homestay?
We are going away for a couple weeks.

"We have a spacious three bedroom eccentric suite in East Vancouver available for sublet from dec 14-27.

The suite is located in the trendy commercial drive area a short walk to commercial drive and the commercial and Nanaimo Skytrain stations. Street parking.

You will have access to the kitchen, living room, bathroom and main bedroom with a king size bed.

Must be cat friendly as we would ask you to feed Spectre daily. She's young (1 year) and very affectionate.

References from last three landlords essential. $200 damage deposit and $450 rent (our rent is $1975). Perfect for a couple or small family.

Includes wifi, dishwasher and washer/dryer. Seconds away from Trout Lake Park and a three minute walk to the bus stop. Big backyard. Other tenants live above and in alley house. Ideal for a couple or small family.

Damage deposit will be returned on Dec 28th if no issues.

PM only if interested." -Kayte Gillespie
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#NowPlaying Up Side by ? & The Mysterians

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#NowPlaying No One Receiving - 2004 Digital Remaster by Brian Eno

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More jam

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Photos from last years Montreal jam.

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at what depth is it bullet proof?
Make Oobleck -- an example of Non-Newtonian fluid!

Can be liquid or a solid... ‪#‎SCIENCE‬ #DIY   #oobleck   #science  

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something different

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Ive recently been censored and blocked on Farcebonk/facepalm... again.

But the sad, funny part is, I was censored, when I believe in the progressive views of my friend.
I am a member of "no one is illegal" and have radical left political viewpoints.
I have a guess that it may be that I was a victim of a censor bot or perhaps someone who doesnt understand sarcasm or irony- but only read "dirty Africans" out of context, and well, here I am censored again!

Here is the content of my appeal letter-

Yes I do believe there has been an error.
I was responding to my friends comment on this article...

I wrote dirty and African together in the same sentence- indicating the ironic nature of African visa requirements and anti African European immigration policy. But it seems sarcasm, subtlety and irony can be lost upon some readers. OR perhaps there is simply an Orwellian facebook "bot" that is sifting our online language for offenses?

I agree with the article and I agree with my friend, I am all for open immigration policies- so its Ironic that I have been censored with this.

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