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An Effective Fantasy Character
by Victoria Miera As
much as I love the fantasy genre, it sometimes has a very interesting
way of making even the most incredible circumstances seem routine.
Mysterious magical powers, dragon-slaying, and generally...

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by Theresa Jones When I think of the word Hero, my mind tends to automatically think of Superman, Wonder Woman, and other comic book heroes. But when I really think about what the word hero really means, I think of people who sacrifice themselves for the gr...

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The Shadow of an Archetype
by Simon Blevins Many heroes have become redundant in
their archetypal nature, yet some are unique and break past these
roles. Shadow, from the American Gods, appears to be a classic hero
with a touch of antihero. Shadow is a newly freed convict trying to

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Wasted Talent
by Anonymous One
of my most favorite and beloved films is A
Bronx Tale (1993). Its genres are crime and drama. It was the first movie
directed by Robert De Niro and was written by Chazz Palminteri. This
story is about the Anello family, comprised of Lorenzo...

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The Hero and Her Burning Skull of Fire
Maria Bhadra Kali Little, March, 2015 Diptych-329153453  by   MiloNeuman The
story of Vasilisa and Baba Yaga, in the adaptation, " The
Doll In Her Pocket: Vasilisa the Wise,"  from Clarissa
Pinkola Estes' book, Women
Who Run with The Wolves , is a great...

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A Sleepwalkers Guide to Enlightenment
by Anna Woodall “ I
remember that I'm invisible and walk softly so as not awake the
sleeping ones. Sometimes it is best not to awaken them; there are few
things in the world as dangerous as sleepwalkers.”  Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

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The Power of “What If”
Image by Jim Martin By Juan Gonzales “What if?” What
if indeed. In the world of Bio Shock (a videogame), there are
two interesting concepts - one of which is a city under the sea.
Under the sea, and no, it is not Atlantis from “ The Little
Mermaid ”- it is ...

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A Backdrop and a Blanket, but not Boring
2015 is the fifth year in a row that I've chosen a word and color for the year, and I've finally come around to blue. I feel like I've kind of been putting off blue, because frankly I've always been a bit bored by it.  All my past yearly colors have stood o...

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Gold and Mud, and What I Mean by Kindness
Everything is within you,  gold and mud,  happiness and pain,  the laughter of childhood  and the apprehension of death.  Say yes to everything, shirk nothing... You are a bird in the storm. Let it storm!"  ~ Hermann Hesse During my gold year, I entered a p...

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Just for the Joy
I suppose it's no coincidence that I started blogging again just a few a days before my blogging anniversary, which is today.  However, it has more to do with the season than the day.  It's fall* again, and the magic is at work that hits me every year at th...
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