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Steve LeQuire
"When experience matters, Dumore Construction is there for your remodeling and construction needs"
"When experience matters, Dumore Construction is there for your remodeling and construction needs"

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Building sustainable homes is where the future is's a video that explains some aspects of sustainable home building.

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This video offers tips on bathroom remodeling on a budget. Some useful ideas here.

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Many home owners are looking to get roofing repairs or new roof installations done this time of year. Please do your homework before hiring just any roofing contractor. This video by the BBB gives some helpful, practical tips on how to protect yourself from unscrupulous contractors and how to hire the right roofing company.

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Here's a helpful video for do it yourselfers on how to remodel your kitchen without spending a fortune. If you need help getting this done for you, just give us a holler! (808) 216-9956

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Here's a nice video with bathroom remodeling ideas. Check out the really luxurious walk-in shower. And the whirlpool bath. A very relaxing and luxurious bathroom.

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Here are some useful, and realistic, tips on how to avoid kitchen remodeling mistakes.

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If you'd like to connect with us on Facebook, please do so at the following link. I'd be glad to talk about your Honolulu home remodeling requirements.

Summer time is construction and remodeling time in Honolulu.....if you're in need of an experienced and reliable contractor to take care of your renovation or construction needs, please feel free to check out Dumore Construction and Remodeling's Google Plus page:

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Do you need a general contractor to remodel your home? Or maybe you're planning to build a new home. Please check out our video for info on our remodeling and construction services in Honolulu.

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Wow, happy full moon during this construction season!

"When the mind is at peace, the world too is at peace. Nothing real, nothing absent. Not holding on to reality, not getting stuck in the void, you are neither holy nor wise, just an ordinary fellow who has completed his work."
— P'ang Yun

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