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The learning curve
Once upon a time in the not-too-distant past, games were small. Game engines were often crafted in a tight, consistent way that made understanding the entire code base relatively easy. It was feasible to keep up to date on "state of the art" techniques with...

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What salmon know about software engineering
Last time, I wrote about papering over problems , with a focus on a specific type of mistake that I frequently see programmers making. The whole idea was to find the root cause, rather than adding "fault tolerance" at the site of the crash. Now, I'd like to...

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Papering over problems
Programming is all about making decisions. Making good decisions is the "art" of programming. I'll write a lot more about "programming as art" in the future, and also on the decisions that programmers have to make, but today I'm going to talk specifically a...

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Welcome to my blog! I'm going to use this blog to post my thoughts about software engineering, game development, and management. The posts will be in random order, based on what I'm thinking about at the time. Sometimes, they'll be based on situations that ...
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