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Meisia MacLauchlan
I will said A if A, and I will said B when B..
I will said A if A, and I will said B when B..

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017
Have a great Holiday and Christmas plus New Year.
Love to you all. Meisia and England xxxx

Its..Snow today in England where I lived .. but stop soon I'm out... keep watching snow...

Wow...Congratulation for Mr Donald Trump, you become MR PRESIDENT USA.. many people split on you, hates you, and insulted you.. But I love you.. its not because you are President but since long ago I always like that hair...lets them split and closed the door...but I will open my house if you want come to visit me.. I will put my red blanket as red floor... Hang on a second.. if Mr Trump can be MR President.. ah.. MR LORD SUGAR you need become PM, I will Votes you... sorry..I know the meaning of Democracy ops... what I don't know speak a good English.. horray deleted me...

When I looked at Arthur my Dog, yes he was breed from German, but he was born in England, but when I said he was English dog they said No.. Arthur was German breed... Now.. back to you.. If you are real from Africa or India or any other different skin.. but born in China, and your parents never or they are not Chinese citizen, they are Business immigrant but you are born in question was ARE YOU CHINESE?.. its the same like me.. my Parents was NOT INDONESIA< THAILAND OR PHILIPHINE.. no THERY ARE NOT.. why you said that I was one of them? many people asking me.. and I don't think I got my answer.

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On My way to Tokyo-Japan August 2016

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July/August 2016... Bleh I used my sister flat sandal

Oh..England..Cold and dark and rainy.. but I loved it than hot... as a woman not easy to be hot.. hot... 

Ah.. Back home.. I'm so pleased... went to Japan and have a great to you all. Meisia

erm..Cold day and rainy...but tomorrow maybe sunny day.. do I need sandal... not sure...

2016... still like me.. I mean I still Meisia he he...already been 101 citys in the UK alone...I mean UK was England. will out about again soon... to see the world, and created more experience in my life. Love to you all .Meisia xxxx
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