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Drew Brown
TV Studio Executive, Niche Site Builder and BBQ Pitmaster
TV Studio Executive, Niche Site Builder and BBQ Pitmaster

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This happened....

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StackSocial is running a special on 1 year of DreamHost web hosting for $19.  Sale ends 10/29.

If you're even considering building an Expired Domain network, DreamHost is one of the few web hosts that offers the potential for your domains to get assigned a unique C block IP address from your other hosted sites.  At $19 for year one, you can't beat the price....

Quick question about posting domain names for backlinks.  I've been listing them inconsistently... sometimes, sometimes (without the url), and sometimes with the http...

I'm thinking I should be listing come in a similar, more consistently exact manner - but 1) does it matter, and 2) what is the optimal way to do it?

How do you all do it?

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I need help!  I launched my first niche site - - in July, and my Google search rankings have been extremely disappointing.... and I have no idea why.  I'd really appreciate any insight the group could offer.  After 2 months, I'm currently ranked 425 in google for the keyword.  

My keyword - homemade bbq sauce - has 14,800 monthly local searches.  The Keyword Competitiveness in Long Tail Pro is a 32.  Of the top 10 sites for the keyword, 8 have a zero PR.

The site has 20+ pages of good, original content - mostly recipes.  The recipes are curated, not original - so maybe that has something to do with it...?  

I haven't done much link-building for the site yet, but I still would have expected better results, given the high search volume and low keyword competition.

It's possible the keyword's a dog, and not worthy of putting more time into the site... but I'm really not clear on what mistakes I've made that could either be corrected for this site, or my next sites going forward.

Any and all input is much appreciated!

I could use the groups help with something.  I have a 10 year old site (www.specialcampsforspecialkids,com) , that's a guide to camps for special needs kids in So Cal.  It's the result of a bunch of research I did for my son.  

The site draws a healthy stream of traffic - 2000 uniques per month, despite being hideous, and not having one iota of optimization.  It's built on Rapidweaver, which is a very limiting and somewhat antiquated CMS.

I would like to update the site;  give it a fresh look, make it easier to navigate, and most of all - optimize it and monetize it .

It's not clear to me how best to proceed.  Should I research a new url that's more of an exact match for higher ranking keywords?  Essentially, start over on a new url... and redirect the old url towards the new one?

If I don't do that... and maintain the old url... how do I build a wordpress site offline, so that I don't have to take the current site down while the new site is being built?

Would appreciate any tips you can offer on how best to take my existing asset and update/improve it.

Thanks in advance.

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This is a fantastic FAQ list for small businesses from +james altucher 

My first question to the group;  I've just launched my first niche site.  I have a .org url with a longtail keyword that gets 8100 monthly exact global searches.

The site's been up about 2 weeks, and I've seen very little traffic thus far.   I am getting some secondary keyword driven traffic, which I've found encouraging and surprising... but nothing yet related to the primary keyword.

I've yet to do any backlinking., but plan to start that this week.

Just curious... from your experiences... how long should it take before I start seeing some keyword driven traffic... and seeing some better search positioning and results?

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