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I was prepared for this. I read all of R.L. Stine's choose your own adventure books when I was a kid.

Do I know anyone in the Galway area who does AngularJS? I'd really like to get a code review on some stuff I'm working on and it would be nice to do in person. If not something via Hangouts would be fine though I'd need to find a good place to do it.

Last ticket to Deadpool! Score!

Irish web/mobile devs,

Any suggestions on online payment systems? I see a number of them, but what are they actually like to use and get money from?

Linux drbd. Thoughts?

tl;dr: Can anyone give me a link to the idiots guide to creating Debian packages?

Before me stretches a field. A field filled with yaks. And not just any yaks, these are very, very hairy yaks.

And here I stand with some shears.

Another disk died on one of my home servers. Not really a big fan of Western Digital these days. I figured I should finally get off my arse and set up monitoring. This is when I first saw the field.

I decided to use prometheus because it's filled with borgmon goodness. It's then I learned it's built with go 1.5 - a bit beyond the golang package in Ubuntu 14.04 and there's no real go PPA. Sigh. I shave that yak by making a go slack role to get go on my build systems.

But really I'd rather make a .deb... and that means I need to build one. And I'll be fucked if I'm doing this by hand. So I really want a script to shave this yak. Any good docs on these? Bonus if it uses Docker so I can build Debian packages for various Ubuntu and Debian versions.

The next yak is obviously how to distribute this... wonder if a PPA can host Debian wheezy and jessie packages.

Naoise seems to have accidentally come up with a trolling section in his presentation...

Using rsync to pull down a .git dir is about 5 times faster than doing a git clone. Wonder why? I ran xz on the .git tarball, but it really didn't save a lot.

This is one of those, "you've solved the problem, but did you consider that the problem might be a problem?" problems...

Do people have suggestions for voice controlled text, mail and phone on android? Say you have limited mobility in your hands, what can be done to make your phone more usable?
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