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Anyone who knows me knows I place zero faith in the political process. None the less, I thought this would be a good way to get the new administration's attention.

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If people "insured" automobiles the way they insure their healthcare very few could afford to own a car. Imagine prepaying for every oil change, tire rotation, alignment, engine tuning, transmission repair, brake service, engine rebuild, etc. Not only would it be 10x more expensive to own and operate a car but the true cost of those services would be hidden from you, allowing auto repair shops to charge your insurance company far more than you would ever tolerate if you were shopping around for the best deal.
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Captain America: Civil War's antigovernment individualist message ticked off a statist windbag. In the words of Bucky Barnes, "Let's hear it for Captain America!"

Mission accomplished.
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Taxation is:
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The price we pay for living in a society
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Sad but true.
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Don't have a lot of followers but a fellow software developer desperately needs a job she can do from home.
Hey! This thing on? Hope so.

I need a job, pretty badly. I was a Lead/Sr. Software Engineer for 20 years in various fields before developing some health issues that are making it difficult to even get out of the house. I am a good bit slower than I used to be but I just always had a good way of putting together simple pieces together to make very complex things.

I have done everything from making trades on what would be the best microcontroller to use for something all the way to writing the software for a paired engineering ground control station and mission computer for a UAV. I'm best with C++ and C#. I have a real passion for computers, and software. 

That's been what I've dedicated my whole  life to, and it's killing me that I may not get to do it for a living again; and for that matter scares the hell out of me because I have no idea where my family is going to end up now.

Can I get help from the government, which is what everyone says I have to do now? Maybe. But I don't know how long it's going to take, but even assuming I can even manage to get Social Security Disability **_I don't want to take other people's money, I want to make my own.**

So, anyone out there know of anything? I mean, at least something stopgap? I don't have long enough left this month to wait, and the one thing I thought I might have doesn't seem to be happening very fast, and I'm getting worried. It doesn't have to be much, we don't need that much; just enough for our room and board, my medical costs, and so forth.

That's about a third or a fourth of what I used to make so I figure it should be doable by someone, somewhere that needs someone with 20 years of experience but wants them on the cheap and is willing to deal with the problems that go along with the health issues and the need for telecommute.

I can meet any time via teleconference (I can try to get the camera working too if need be) with updates. I don't even mind traveling to meet in person, or to be on site for a small amounts of time to get ramped up. [on the order of days, not weeks/months] In other words, I'm not entirely incapacitated.

And to anyone that is hearing this (is anyone hearing this?) I know that there might be the worry that if I were paid a small amount of money, that I would eventually leave for the 'greener pastures' of large sums of money elsewhere.

Well, believe me, I know about those greener pastures, and those pastures happen to have large piles of manure in them that you can't see from this side, but—as soon as you climb over that fence—you're gonna set your boot right in one and next thing you know SHHHLLLUUUUP and you're butt-first in some of the greenest poop you've ever seen.

Seriously, though, everything has pros and cons, and I know enough of the cons to know that those pastures aren't my green pastures. I don't want lots of money. The only compensation I really need in the short to mid term is to be able to work and to know that I will be able to pay my rent and my health care costs and my other bills and to feed my family and just to take care of us in general. Also, the laptop is probably getting a bit old, so mid term include a laptop; this one was a $500 Wal-mart special.

Long term? I need those things, plus a few wants, and our only real additional wants are a basically just computers, peripherals, gadgets, a few things for whatever our current interest is (I have been diagnosed with what is now termed ASD and although I am fortunate that it rarely is noticed as such, I do tend to absorb myself into some hobby or pretty intensely now and again :D) and a little bit of travel [though preferably to just move somewhere eventually though].

And most of those are either optional, don't have to cost much, cost less over time even if they start out costing a lot, or can be saved for.

What I value in life is being able to live my life. And I am not going to be able to for much more than a few weeks unless I can find some work.

And that scares me silly.


Um, no, not that kind of silly.

[ for emphasis, does THE SILLY DANCE, again; only, this time, trips, falls squarely on her nose. ]


[ after some time, she looks up at the camera, slowly, to reveal that her nose has been squished completely flat; now looking more a pancake than an actual nose ]

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