Why is facebook just not getting mobile?

Frustratingly the official app STILL (since March 2012) has a serious bug where if the timeline is left open and one then switches to another app, facebook eats CPU like it's going out of fashion. It appears to relate to the javascript used on the page and the same issue can affect the browser version.

So I use "friendcaster" a lot of the time. And the problem with that? Well 2 fold
 a) Numerous posts/photos are missing. This is where the user in question has blocked third party apps -- which quite a few people do. That includes other clients trying to view the timeline even when used directly - yet the official app works fine. Open - I think not
 b) Contact sync goes mad from time to time. It will churn for extended periods, and will also cause google sync to churn, eating into battery life and data usage. It clearly looks as if there's some conflict - though it can be turned off.

Meanwhile with twitter I have plenty of choice of working apps, and with g+ the app's working pretty well. Of course many of my friends, people I know use facebook so I can't escape -- but it does mean my mobile engagement on facebook is way lower.

Do facebook realise they're screwing mobile? Do they have the capability or desire to fix? Whilst monetization may be harder on mobile I'm convinced effective mobile usage also drives overall site usage.
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