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Rarely here any more. Try @planetf1 on twitter or
Rarely here any more. Try @planetf1 on twitter or

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Just clarifying I no longer use google+. Sadly despite my initial hopes it has lost relevance.

See "planetf1" on twitter or facebook or see for linked in etc links

Add me on Snapchat! Username: planetf1

Logged back in for the first time in many weeks.

I'm not really using google+ any more. Whilst I may pop in occasionally it just isn't doing it for me any more.

I'll be active on (@planetf1) or

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Hopefully this will make things easier & more consistent. 

I'm using Google Photos in iOS. I have it set to backup to wifi only (though I have an unlimited plan so could set to 3G too).

However backup doesn't happen until I launch the app. Ideas? Background app refresh is ON for the google photos app

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Yes an advert -- but I never have enough lightning cables, and having tried both official apple as well, these are the best

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Fascinating article 
On the anniversary of Columbia’s loss, we revisit our look at the space rescue plan that might have been NASA’s finest hour.

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Rather wish I could find my s-pen for my #samsung note 10.1 2014... I misplaced it somewhere in the last few weeks. Probably at home but no sign. Could have fallen into rubbish etc..

So I decided to order a replacement... ebay? No.. too wary of fakes, so instead I decide to order form an internet outlet who look more genuine, advertise the stylus as official samsung product and even the full product code.

Item arrives. Meh it's not genuine (though visually it looks the same), in fact even pressure sensitivity doesn't work

Contact retailer who's adamant it is offical but tell me "We buy our products in bulk and therefore they do not come in original retail packaging.". yeah right... They do offer a full refund.

meanwhile I contact Samsung with details and actually get a reply, though they a) remind me to buy from an official retailer b) don't actually confirm whether or not the one I mentioned is or isn't c) suggest buying it from their website.. the one that hasn't had stock for many months...

Samsung really do muck around with far too many products. sw updates dry up after months, even hardware replacements can be tricky because they have so many darn models and just aren't in it for the long term (from a customer perspective).

This just reenforces my decision to switch my phone from android to apple. Yes I know there's other retailers, nexus.. but a whole slew of factors pushed me that way.. here's an example why samsung is not the place to be for me.

Now, do I order a new s-pen or give up and get an iPad.. tempting .. (of course the pen control is not going to be anywhere near... unless I go for the ipad pro.. lol!). That's the challenge with tec. A considered £15 purchase becomes an unconsidered £1000 purchase... ;-)
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