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Nuno Salgueiro
Dwarf sojourning in the Shire.
Dwarf sojourning in the Shire.

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Broen (yes, the original). 😜

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I'm in awe at how far bookmark+ has taken the vanilla bookmark. There are so many applications for it... but I'm mostly looking into using it for file tagging purposes. This is exciting!

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Shame on you, +The Telegraph, +New York Daily News, +The New York Times, +The Associated Press, +CNN, +NBC News and many more. You stained your professional integrity by not upholding the freedom of expression you are so eager to "defend". Censoring is one of the worst sins a journalist can commit.

#charliehebdo #censorship  

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I'm fascinated by this album. 
Geekscape 2014 Uber-Mega-Album!!!

This is the big one folks! Over 400 Geekscapes dating back to the first ones from late 2013. You'll find all of the artist information along with them, so please share these and go let the artists know how amazing their work is! 

I'd like to thank for creating a fantastic platform and fueling my daily posts. For those who don't know, I started posting these because I spent so much time searching for appropriate images for my Geek Question of the Day on DeviantArt. I kept finding incredible artwork of all kinds that had either very few views, or even worse, was being shared without attribution.

Thus the Geekscape was born...

As a side note, I want to thank all the folks who have nominated, plussed, and shared images over the last year or so. Without you guys these posts would be nothing!

Here's to a very geeky 2015!

#gsotd #happynewyear2015 #happynewyear #deviantart #gqotd #scifi #fantasy #starwars #dragon #steampunk  
Geekscapes 2014
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Estou a olhar para a +RTP​1 e a ver como este canal público queima o dinheiro dos contribuintes, no "Agora Nós", com uma astróloga a debitar charlatanices.


"The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it."

– Paul Kedrosky

(From Paul Graham's blog:
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