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Michelle La Marque Robertson
Using Social Media for the greater good, specifically education, learning and development.
Using Social Media for the greater good, specifically education, learning and development.

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Now this appeals to me!

Hi all, I'm Michelle from South Africa.  I've been experimenting with using Twitter and Facebook with some of the corporate training I've done and am about to launch a new web site focused on collaborative learning utilising social media.  I'm really excited to share and learn with you all.

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This is just too good not to share, and so very true! :)

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The focus of this video is on marketing, but IMAGINE the possibilities for education!

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I feel the same, I'm sure a lot of us do.
My main problem with Google+ is that I keep getting complaints from people who don't want everything I share.

Like most people - my interests are a little eclectic. I like photography, I like blogging, I like food, I like Australia.... (the list goes on) and I like to share on those different topics.

The problem is - not all of you share all of those interests.

Google allows me to share with certain circles and I do have circles for each of those topics and have been sharing specific things with them, but the problem is that to this date 11,000+ people have added me to one of their circles and yet I have absolutely no idea of what aspect of my life they want to hear about.

11,000+ people want me to share but if I make every share public they're going to get a real mix of stuff.

So I have to make a choice. Do I?

1. limit this G+ account to one topic?
2. set up other G+ accounts for other topics? (this is what I do on Twitter, but I'm not sure I'm even allowed to do it here)
3. only share with circles on specific topics based on what I know about people (meaning most people will never see any updates because I have no idea what their interests are)?
4. share everything with everyone (which will probably mean people get frustrated and disconnect with me for over-sharing of irrelevant stuff)?

**Solutions for Google?**

I'm not sure what the answer is to this but what if Google were to allow us to nominate some circles that people subscribe to? So on my profile you might see I update on 4 topics:


and you can choose which one/s you want.

Interested to hear other suggestions for Google and the ways that you manage sharing on eclectic topics.

My impression is that people are using Google+ mainly as a business connctions site, whereas facebook (not pages) is personal. Thoughts?

Experiencing some glitches in G+, but suspect it may be a driver problem :)
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