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HVAC mechanic, Salesman, Writer, Loves music and food, loves to argue - yep, that's me.
HVAC mechanic, Salesman, Writer, Loves music and food, loves to argue - yep, that's me.

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Happy birthday to rookie Bianca! Wishing you the best today! -

Happy birthday to rookie Bianca! 🎉🎉Wishing you the best today!

#Sports #NFL #Cheerleaders

(Credit: Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders)

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The Gibson 2017 modern doublecut guitar has been eagerly anticipated for months. Well, it is certainly available now. But isn't this just a mass produced Tak Matsumoto guitar?

Nope. While the body shape is similar to the Tak guitar, the new Gibson Custom Modern Double Cut features some all new design specifications never before seen.

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Joey Gallo has arrived, and everyone will bow before the home run power he brings
First off, I always believed in Joey Gallo. I always wanted to see him become a star, and always believed that he would. Not everyone has been so charitable.  In his 2015 taste of the MLB he showed everyone what his game was. Everyone knew what he was bille...

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Gibson debuted the P-90 pickups in 1946 when they also resumed production of musical instruments. During the great war, materials had run short, as workers and things were needed elsewhere.

Today and not yesterday is the golden age when it comes to manufacturing of guitars. There are more models and options now than ever before. While there are countless variety of pickups used in the industry, the ancient P-90 is still very much desired for its very raw and diverse tonal characters.

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Donnie Baseball, The Great Don Mattingly
Don Mattingly as manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers 'Donnie Baseball,' or Don Mattingly, has been a star player, coach, and manager One of the problems in Major League Baseball which needs addressing is the distinctions between who is or who isn't a Hall o...

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Taylor's 910 Guitar, Taylor's Top Of The Line Flat Top
The top of the line dreadnought by Taylor guitars, the Taylor 910 Beautifully ornate and designed to the highest standards of tonality and playability, the Taylor 910 is the flagship instrument of Taylor guitars. The combination of solid rosewood bodies wit...

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The Martin D-45 Madagascar Rosewood Guitar
A Beautiful Martin D-45 Madagascar Rosewood Guitar Since the very beginning of production of the famous Martin dreadnought guitars, the D-45 has been their flagship instrument. When one sees the "45" after any letter used to describe a guitar produced by C....

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The Very Rare Martin D-19 Guitar
A Martin D-19 I've Only Ever Seen One D-19 I've only ever seen one Martin D-19 in my life, and I didn't even get to pick it any. I didn't get to even touch it. I asked about it, and saw it on a Gaston road pawn shop in Dallas, Texas, sometime in the late 19...

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Robert Johnson And The New Gibson 1928 L-1 Blues Tribute Guitar
The great Robert Johnson Robert Johnson is as iconic as the day is long. You should never believe such things, but he's the US version of the guy who sold his soul to Satan in order to get mastery of a musical instrument. The legends of people trading souls...

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Glenn Frey And His Takamine Signature Series Dreadnought Guitar
The late and great Glenn Frey with his Takamine guitar We lost a lot of musical celebrities in 2016. Glenn Frey was maybe the one who meant the very most to me. 2016 will long be remembered as a year when a lot of celebrity artists died. 2017 will likely be...
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