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Sensual Massage and it's Benefits to the disabled.

Among disabled people suffering a lack of libido, Tantric Sensual Massage performs another equally important task along with the provision of psychological help. The tantric touch-massage, is a gentle technique suitable for the disabled. Whether disabled or not, sensual massage provides relaxation and proves to be an effective treatment in regaining libido. Beyond these functions, massage, including touch-massage, allows the disabled person to become aware of the importance of his body. 

Whatever the disability, a sensual massage is rarely harmful. Indeed, the touch-massage is a special technique based on the sensitivities of the patient. It is very mild, based on the stroking gestures and non-sudden.The need for a symbiosis between the masseur and massaged.

The first session may then be limited to an approach between the masseur and the disabled. The objective is to build trust, a very relaxed interview will be conducted. The masseur will explain the steps of the massage, but at the same time, will cover topics that will enable a better understanding of his patient. Depth exchanges are then established to build that trust, such as conversation. Psychologically, the disabled person who feels neglected, isolated by their condition or depressed by a permanent fixture have found consideration of the therapist to them very helpful.

Given the important psychological role of massage on the disabled, the masseur must be a professional and used to working with such patients. Indeed, it will not simply be our massage techniques, but to consider the patient according to his case.  The masseur uses his touch, but also speech, gestures and gaze to reach its goal. Therefore, he must have studied the psychology of people with disabilities.