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I'm In An Art Gallery?!
Didn't think I'd be saying this anytime soon... but I'm in an art gallery! Well, my work is! For those of you who have been following me on my Instagram you'd know that I've had this Alphabet Typography project happening over the past few months. My friend ...

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Must See Small Art Galleries in Wellington
This week a small group of us from my church  C3 Wellington went on a gallery-crawl around Wellington. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to bring my Canon 600D along to take a few snaps of my favourite artworks as we wondered from gallery to gallery....

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My Design Book Collection: Volume I
I have decided to start a series on my blog where I read, write and post a review of a bunch of creative-themed books. Originally, I was going to just do one master post of all the creative themed books that I have; but my collection has almost gotten into ...

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Frappés and Felines: I visited a Cat Café!
A few weeks ago I went to Auckland (New Zealand) for a concert (Panic at the Disco - it was amazing) and whilst I was up there I booked in to visit the BaristaCats Café , because a cat café is one of the best ideas anyone has ever had!  This experience was ...

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Living With A Significant Other – A Year Later
It's been approximately fifteen months since I moved in with my boyfriend of three years (well, three years next month) and I thought I'd share with you some of the things I have learnt, the best and worst things about living together, and finally whether i...

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New Year, Better Me!
Over the past couple of years I have written blog posts ( 2015 &  2016 's posts) about my resolutions and goals and just things I want to improve on int he new year. This year I decided to go along a similar path; instead of trying to become a newer version...

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Unique, Quick & Easy Christmas Wrapping Ideas
Over the past few years I have seen many, many YouTube tutorials and Pinterest posts all about how to add a bit of Christmas cheer to your present wrapping. Today I thought I'd take some of these ideas, along with some of my own to a 'master post' of sorts ...

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Spending Christmas Away From Home
This year will be my second year not being able to go home for Christmas. Ahh, the joys of working retail and my family living 11hours away!  Luckily, my boyfriend's family has graciously taken me in with open arms both last year and this year to spend the ...

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Clinique (Gift Set) Haul & Review
A few weeks ago Clinique had a gift bundle set that they gave away if you bought two or more products from their brand. I was in dire need of some foundation. You can probably guess what ensued! I'm not normally one of those if-I-buy-this-one-product-I-get-...

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My Zinefest Experience
I attended Zinefest for the second time this year, but what made my experience different from last year was that this time I was a stall holder! I have been wanting to sell some of my design work for ages, but never really got around to actually doing it. W...
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