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#Marijuana should be legal. But we shouldn't do that and outlaw #alcohol . The #WarOnDrugs is a failure. 
Legalities: Alcohol vs. Weed

Anyone who has ever been drunk knows that alcohol ravages the body. Your body goes limp and your brain hates you for days! Drinking too much is such an addiction that groups like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) started a support group for addicts in 1935. Yes...people formally acknowledge almost 82 years ago that alcohol was an addictive substance.

While it might seem hard to believe, nearly 100 years ago (in 1919), there was a Constitutional amendment to stop the making and selling of an addictive substance in the USA. Anyone want to want to guess what was sold? Yes, alcohol during the time of Prohibition which was later changed in 1933 to eliminate the amendment -> not the addictive substance!

Why is this important? When people talk about marijuana as a gateway drug and the addictive qualities of cannabis, it is hard not to compare the results to the big elephant in the room with a bottle of vodka! Alcohol causes the deaths of many people each year from drinking and driving as well as too much consumption.

When the results of alcohol addiction are overlayed against those of marijuana, the medical advantages alone should speak volumes to people.

#weed #alcohol #marijuana

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#JackBuck - "I don't believe what I just saw! #KirkGibson #1988WorldSeries 
Which moment do you think was more memorable in the World Series?
238 votes
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Fisk Waves It Fair
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Kirk Gibson's Walk Off Homer
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It Gets Through Buckner
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Willie Mays' Catch
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David Freese's Walk Off Homer

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Jail and prison, are more dangerous for you than #marijuana . 
Weed is Dangerous, If You Get Caught

For years, proponents of marijuana have lamented that the most dangerous part of the smoking of pot is getting caught. In fact, American jails are full of people convicted of possession, distribution, or selling of weed. As the law decided how to implement the recent votes to legalize pot across the USA, many questions will need to be answered.

Some of the most outstanding items include:

> Does marijuana legalization apply to both medical and recreational use?

> How will we handle those who are jailed for past infractions that are no longer illegal?

> Will (should) there be a minimum age to partake of pot?

> Will legislation from the FDA or Dept of Agriculture provide monitoring of processes and disclosure for marijuana sales?

> How will marijuana law apply to employment, public activities (like driving or eating in a restaurant), and renting a space like an apartment?

These questions are reflective of the move from illegal to legal of alcohol under Prohibition or public use of cigarettes. Just because the voters accept an absolute law, there might be quite a few laws required to protect the rights of non-smokers and smokers alike. As a contact high is a very real possibility (like second-hand smoke for cigarettes), this might be a very long, complicated process.

#weed #legalization #smoking

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I've seen a #WhiteHouse that reads from so many different scripts. #KellyAnneConway 
Sean Spicer CONTRADICTS KELLYANNE CONWAY on Reason for General Flynn's Resignation!

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Of course #SamElliot didn't say this, but the point is still taken. #BetsyDeVos 

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Apparently the entire #TrumpAdministration doesn't have the same playbook. #KellyAnneConway 

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Is it just me or does #StephenMiller come off as a robot and cult follower? #DonaldTrump 
Trump Advisor GOES OFF ON THE MEDIA DURING HEATED INTERVIEW with George Stephanopoulos
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