Send articles from webpages directly to your Kindle using SendtoReader. Thanks to +Lifehacker this is the best tool I use for my Kindle.

~Drag bookmarket to toolbar.
~Visit your Kindle management page at
~Under Your Kindle approved e-mail list, add the following address:
~Add your Kindle email address (*That cool free one that Amazon gives you, should be*) If you use the free email address, then there will be no charge of document delivery; make sure it's the free email you provided!
~Save settings.

Now, every time you visit a web page you want to send to Kindle, simply click the bookmark and it will sync to your Kindle. Don't have your Wireless turned on? No problem. Turn the wireless on your device, and it will automatically sync.

Each Kindle has a unique e-mail address, allowing you and your contacts to send attachments (Word and picture files) directly to your Kindle for a small fee or to your default Amazon e-mail account for free.

Great for use with Kindles that have the free 3G Whispernet service, and free email document delivery.
Previously shared this before, but the post wasn't public. Enjoy.
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