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6 Steps to Finding An Investment Advisor Who Works For You
Once a person has decided that they need some help with investment management (see our earlier post Why Hire an Investment Advisor, and Do I Really Need One ), the next step is the search process to find a good investment advisor. We have broken the process...

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Why Hire an Investment Advisor, and Do I Really Need One?
As people move into their later 20s and 30s, the need for some sort of financial oversight and management often becomes apparent. Questions regarding 401k diversification, the size of a mortgage that one can sensibly obtain, Roth versus Traditional IRA, and...

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When Interest Rates Rise, Interest Rates May Fall
Be careful what you read in the press and be careful about assumptions. Remember what Felix Unger showed us about the word "assume".  Often, when we hear that the Fed is going to raise interest rates, we assume that interest rates, all across the yield curv...

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Why Should We Re-balance Portfolios?
Not all sectors of the market move in tandem. Sometimes one sector (small cap domestic for example) might languish for a quarter or two while another (emerging market for example) might do extremely well. The fourth quarter of 2014 saw the MSCI Japan Index ...

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Inflation is Coming, Albeit Slowly
Core consumer-price index figures were released this morning and showed the largest increase in over two years. Core CPI showed a 0.3% increase in April which is the single largest gain since January, 2013. This figure moves us closer to the Fed's goal of 2...

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IRS Raises Retirement Plan Contribution Limits for 2015
The IRS announced today that contribution limits for some retirement plans will be going up for 2015. IRA : The IRA contribution limit will remain at $5500 and the "catch-up" limit remains at $1000. SEP IRA and Solo 401ks : Those who are self employed or ow...

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Are You Getting Fiduciary Duty? (Or Are You Helping Someone Win a Sales Contest?)
The New York Times recently ran a story about a retired couple who was looking for a higher rate of interest than their bank CDs could provide. The bank's teller recommended that the couple speak with the bank's investment department. The bank's investment ...

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Why I Recommend Only Garrett Planning Network Fee-Only Planners
Blue Haven Capital often has individuals or couples make an appointment to interview us for fee-only investment management only to be told at the end of the hour or so that what they really need first is a plan drawn up by a fee-only planner. Often, people ...

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5 Rules for Retirees To Follow In This Low Interest Rate Environment
Those living on a fixed income are especially vulnerable during periods of low interest rates like the one we are in now. Here are five easy-to-remember rules to help keep yourself out of trouble: Don't go out past 10 years in maturity for the time being. A...
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