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The Weight of Trees
A note to begin This is the final poem in The Starbucks Poetry Project blog.
I have been writing twice a week for 6 months and have loved the challenge, the
discipline, and the resulting work. I’ve also loved hearing from readers; it’s
a great privilege to ...

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What I Can Give
Overheard: Two men in their 60s, with eastern European
accents, trying to keep their voices very low. Man #1: So, he sees her two or three
times a week. Man #2, nodding: That’s the best way. Where it took me: There is a bit more to this
scenario, a few hand...

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This Is a Terrible Date
Overheard: This entire conversation below, as
described by my friend ARi Lyon in hilarious detail on Facebook. I couldn’t
resist the spoken language, the body language, the awkwardness, and the way
both gamely try to turn this around if they can. No matter ...

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Overheard: Teenage girls over coffee planning their
weekend of partying (already bought their Red Bull for their vodka). Girl 1: My parents are SO brutal. I am so getting emancipated when I am 18 and
buying a condo downtown. Girl 2: OMG! The condos downtown...

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Overheard: Expensive beer and Steve Stamkos. Where it took me: The people beside me at
Starbucks were going through all the details of their upcoming holiday plans,
and debating whether to spend their money on hockey tickets (whose shorthand
was ‘expensive ...

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Coffee Talk
Overheard: That’s her. She’s here every day
eavesdropping on people’s conversations. Where it took me: I continue to be fascinated
by the blurred line between public and private. If you choose a public place
for a private conversation, you may be compromisi...

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Dad Words
Overheard: This is a 3-minute warning. We’re
going to start in 3 to 4 minutes. So get a drink, go pee, whatever you need to
do. Where it took me: OK, fair enough, I did not
overhear this at Starbucks. These were the first words of the MC at a literary

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And You're Still Married
Overheard: And you’re still married. (Group of 40ish guys
at a table, all in suits and ties, all wearing wedding bands.) Where it took me: This was half a question, half a statement; probably in response to something
silly that one guy did; one of those thi...

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Those Shoes
Overheard: Two women in their 50s: He’s a nice
guy. I don’t know much about him, but I really like him. Where it took me: I used this line in
conjunction with an exercise to write two descriptions of the same place but in
different situations. Instead of a ...

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Her Belly an Orange
Overheard: When she was pregnant she got all emotional. Where it took me: This line really didn’t take me
anywhere; I was emotional when I was pregnant, though possibly no more so than
I usually am. My husband, on the other hand, really liked this line. Per...
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