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Workers have wanted minimum wages to be raised because they want to have more money so they can purchase the things they need for everyday to survive.

But what are the effects of minimum wage raises to businesses and what could be the potential effects of such development to small and medium enterprises?
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For the longest time, people of different religions have been getting harassed and discriminated because of their faith. Through the years, these poor employees endured these abuses. While laws to protect one’s religion existed, there are small details like religious garb and grooming that aren’t discussed well. These became loopholes in these anti-discrimination legislation and left employers find a way around these laws.

Good thing, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is coming up with a campaign to make people respect one’s religious garb and grooming in the workplace.
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Wal-Mart was slapped with another employment lawsuit; the second one within a month. Find out what the suit is all about by reading the article through the provided link.
Wal-Mart Hit with Employment Raps Twice this Month
Legal woes seem to be no longer new to Wal-Mart. Through the years, the retailer giant has always been the target of many different legal raps raised by its former and current employees, not the mention the other legal issues thrown against the company. Inc...

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For the LGBT community, the progresses of the legislation to stop discrimination against their ranks are too close yet too far. There are still roadblocks that prevent the law’s passing. And so, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders are urging US President Barack Obama to sign an executive order to help stop more acts of discrimination to be done against them.

But is this the real solution that the LGBT community?
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There are many employment laws that are being implemented in the state of California and the rest of the country that are made to ensure the protection of the rights of every American worker. However, despite these protections, a few people actually know about these laws and how to use it to their advantage.

And so, here are some of the things that you need to know about these laws so you can go and file charges against your employers who have harassed, discriminated, and abused you.

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After a number of cases filed against the fast food giant, another employment case is being filed by its workers for allegedly “stealing” their wages.

What caused this latest case and what is the company’s stand about it? Good thing the employees took the case to the courts instead of doing nasty things with their customer’s food. #mcdonalds #employmentlawyer #lawsuit  
McDonald’s Faces New Employment Raps
A few weeks after McDonald’s Restaurant of California Inc., has agreed to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit , McDonald’s Corp. is now facing another employment case filed by its workers. According to recent news reports, McDonald’s and several of it...

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In these modern times, members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community are very much accepted in the community. In fact, there are states that allow same-sex marriages. However, one fitness center seemingly failed to get the memo. That is why a transgender woman was filing discrimination raps against them.
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Minimum wage earners were jumping for joy, upon learning about the support of US President Barack Obama with the legislation of higher minimum wage rates. Unfortunately, business owners can’t say the same as some of them threatened to cut jobs should the minimum wage go up.

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In his aim to help people get jobs and better lives, US President Barack Obama proposed overtime rule changes. Obama hopes that this executive order will help salaried workers who work hard to become eligible for overtime pay.

What are the contents of this executive order and how it can really help workers get paid accordingly? This article has the answers.
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"Everybody has the right to peacefully assemble and fight for what they think is right, even if it means going against some people in power. This right doesn’t just work for political battles. In fact, this can also be used to express repressed grievances in the workplace.

This is the method that 8,300 custodians, food workers, gardeners, as well as other campus service workers of the University of California used to air their grievances and push for the reforms that they believed in. This yielded a tentative contract agreement, putting a halt to the union’s plan to stage a five-day strike that they were cooking."
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