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When iTunes updates, the CD/DVD stops working. If I remove the filter from the registry that is causing the issue, iTunes gives an error to reinstall iTunes (still runs without CD functionality)

2nd issue: There is one Windows Update (KB981852) that keeps installing, in a loop. Says the installation was successful each time.

This is on an HP Pavillion DV6500 running Vista service pack 2.
Also, can't run Microsoft Fix-it, or manually run Windows Update.

day 2 of oh so tired. Hope this passes soon.

Oh Man. I shouldn't have so much fun with the "Windows computer support" telemarketers that call me.

I'm looking for a bunkbed for Rowan's room. I'd prefer a single upper/futon lower. Anyone have one for cheap?

kitchen kitchen why doth thou forsake me? I keep you cleaner than the rest of the house and you thank me by falling apart?

Anyone have a kitchen renovation company that they liked??

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