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Nick Hodges
Husband. Dad. Developer. Writer.
Husband. Dad. Developer. Writer.


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My book is now available in physical form on Amazon:

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Hey -- Dependency Injection in Delphi is available in digital form at:

Thanks to all who have already purchased and to those of you that will.

And a big huge shout-out to +Stefan Glienke who did the tech review. The book is about ten times better because of his expertise. Thank you, Stefan.

We crossed 8,000 members.

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What is your favorite Delphi Tip/Trick/"secret" technique to increase productivity?

We use both XE and Seattle here at Gateway Ticketing.

One of my favorite features in the XE IDE is an add in, part of Version Insight, that does Live Blame right in the IDE. It's a marvelous plugin written by +Uwe Schuster

However, as far as I can tell, it isn't officially available for Seattle.

Am I correct? +Uwe Schuster, are you still working on this wonderful project?

I have been asked by the folks at work to recommend a Delphi profiler.

I am utterly ignorant about Delphi profilers.

Can anyone recommend one that works with Seattle?

I'd be most grateful for any help.

I can't reach GetIt from my personal machine.

My work machine? No problem.

But with my personal machine, it times out every time.

Searched for differences, but I haven't found anything significant other than my work machine is Seattle only and my personal machine is Berlin only.

I've checked my proxy settings. I've poked all around my network settings. Everything seems in order.

Anyone have any ideas what is blocking me?

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Another Blast from the Past and another Quote of the Day.
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