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I've been playing around with this today and finding it very easy to set-up and customise. I've now set-up my blog, my photography and even my Google+ stream on Google Currents (find the direct links at the bottom of this post). But a few tips if you decide to add your blog or site to Google Currents. Firstly...

- Do add your blog or site to Google Currents: Sure it takes RSS feeds from all sites and the result is pretty good in most cases but you can do a lot more with your blog/site in Google Currents. Adding your site to Currents means, for example, you can add your own logo to show up in the library and in searches. It also means your blog/site will definitely appear in the search results when searched in Currents as not all sites are showing up (from what I can see when I do a vanity search in Currents). Head over to here:

- Add a table of contents: Just to be tidy. :-) - Add your Google+ stream to Currents: You are able to add your Page or Profile streams as a 'social update' via the Sections page. You could add this in addition to your blog/site or if you only want your Google+ page in your Currents edition then create a new edition, give it a name but don't add your RSS feed. Click Create then go to Sections and add your G+ page via the social updates link. The result will be your G+ stream on Currents, nothing more, nothing less. :-) - "Start thinking about how you post on Google+ or your blog/site*: First thing: pictures, pictures, pictures. If you add a picture to your Google+ posts or blog/sites posts then they appear in Currents. Pictures make things stand out over the wall of text from other post so try adding relevant images to your posts where possible. Also think about how you format your posts, give them a title, tidy them up and add hashtags...

- Use hashtags on your Google+ posts: If you add hashtags to your G+ posts, bonus. Firstly add your G+ stream via social updates link, then add the hashtag(s) in the bottom box. Once created the Section will show G+ posts with only the hashtag(s) appears. It's a good way to share only to Currents only the posts you want to share (not the whole lo!). What you can then do is create sections that are filtered by these hashtags. For example, I've been adding hashtags to most of my posts since the beginning, like #technology , #gaming and #photography . I've now created sections in Currents filtered on these hashtags. Basically the hashtags are now blog categories and you can organise your Currents edition into those categories.

- Add your photos via Flickr or Picasa: Want some colour to your Currents edition or want to show of your photography? Then add your photos page via the Photos link under Sections. I've added my Picasa page ( as a section and called it Photography

- Add as a section: If your Currents edition needs more colour then why not add your bookmarked images? I use to bookmark any interesting or cool images I've found on the web (see here: I can now add this via the Photos link under Sections as a Media RSS. Note, I added it as a 'Feed' previously and it needed verifying. As you cannot verify an external source like this I swapped to a 'Photo' import.

- Add tags on Flickr or Picasa: You have the ability to add tags to your Flickr or Picasa pics, either in the form of keywords or hashtags again. You can now use these tags when adding your photo page to Currents. For example, I wanted to add my Picasa page as above but only wanted these photos to appear in Currents edition: KolTregaskesPhotography02 | kolint. So I added a "koltregaskesphotography" tag to all of my photos then entered the tag when I added the Picasa page in Currents. It means you can categorise your photos. I now have separate Sections in Currents for my main genres, e.g. landscape and nature. So you can basically create a gallery in Currents using tags you've added on the photo sharing services.

- Add Google Analytics: There is an option to add your GA ID to Currents. So if you want to track visitor stats then head over to here for more details:

- Use search operators for filtering: If you are using more than one keyword to filter your content then don't forget to use AND, OR, etc. to tailor the filtering. Note: the default is OR.

- Distribute your Currents link: Currents gives you a URL that you can use to post around and share your new Currents edition. Use it to post to Twitter, Google+ Facebook etc. so that people can find you on Currents. Note: if you change the name of your Currents edition the distribution URL changes as well (yes a little annoying)

Useful Links

Here's a few useful links I've found while playing around with Currents:

Getting custom with Google Currents:
+Clark Wimberly (and here +Clark Wimberly) has a few tips on changing the look of your Currents, e.g. linking yout title to your TOC, via a few CSS tweaks

Customize using template tags:
Support page from the Google Currents Producer guys, explains all the tags to customise the code, e.g the g:link tage

Will Kiefer on Google+:
+Will is one of the Google chaps on the Currents project. He's answered a few of my queries and has a few useful posts and reshares here on G+

Google Currents | A Game Changer?:
+Caleb Hailey has some excellent tips on re-creating your Google+ stream in Currents, for example, the 'categories' I mentioned above - thanks Caleb!

My Currents

Here's the direct links to my Currents editions. Feel free to share and subscribe to any you wish. I'm still tweaking them so expect them to change a little over the next few days:

Complete with photography, technology, gaming and various other sections

My Blog:
My general blog with my favourite images from around the web

My Photography:
My photography, including my blog and Google+ Page

Hopefully some of these tips will help you in creating your Currents editions. As it's very new I'm sure more and more tips and tricks will come up during the forthcoming weeks. If you have any tips or articles you'd like to share them please post them in the comments below. Feel free to share your Currents links as well.

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