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Google+ Music Circle List:

Who's into their music on Google+? What genres do you regularly listen to? Any upcoming albums or gigs that interest you are you're going to? What are your favourite artists?

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I've a big Radiohead fan, love indie, alternative dancey/rock stuff. Not interested in pop music at all, though I do have a few guilty pleasure singles here and there. ;-)

I'm on
Good goshamighty, Great Googely Moogely, there's not much I DON'T listen to! ....that is less than about seven years old. The stuff has to pass the test of time, ya know??
I'm a music addict and I have several RSS Feeds on my Google Home Page that tells me every Tuesday what new CD's by what artists has just been released. If there's someone I like, I go to my favorite torrent site(s) and find it and download.

I like all genre's, but my favorites are Country, Alternative, Rock, 80's, Pop, Top 40.
+Geeky Sprocket Well I like all types of music, even rap music. Especially old school rap from the 80's and very early 90's. There really isn't a genre of music I don't like to be honest. I'll even listen to some opera from time to time.
Definitely a big music fan, mostly indie rock at this point, and currently enjoying going back into '60s-80s music and learning more about it.
I like all kinds of music but lately I'm particularly keen on this indie rock group: out of the Santa Cruz CA area. Have a listen, you can stream songs from their first album.
Rock music is a lifetime passion of mine. Particularly into powerpop bands new and old, psychedelic both new and old, garage bands. Some of my favorites include all the bands that Aussie Dom Mariani has fronted such as DM3, the Stems and the Someloves, Tame Impala, the Mellowmen out of Sweden, Posies, the Grip weeds etc. Needless to say too many to list from the 60's on.
I just posted about the music in my Google Music Beta library. I love electronic/dance/trance/chillout, but if you go by artist popularity, The Beatles win hands down according to my library.
Thanks for all the posts, please keep them coming. :-)
Please reshare this post but suggest adding the direct link (right-click on the timestamp, copy the URL and paste into your share box) and disabling comments so the people post on the original post and thus a central point. :-)
Music falls into my "necessary to survive" category. I listen to and enjoy nearly everything (and I actually mean that). My music collection, as well as my Pandora stations, occasionally frighten my friends.
Have you tried Google Music? I love it. It's still in beta, but so far, I have uploaded about 18G of music to it so I can take it everywhere!
+Polly Jones USA only I think? Certainly not available in the UK. :-( Though not much of what Google does is, you'd be surprised how much of Google's new toys of USA only. Boo! ;-)
Yeah, so, once again: I'm in ;-)))
I'm a guitarist. Electric Guitar. Blues, (Big-)Rock, Hard-Rock..
+Kol Tregaskes That sucks. I'm at Google Seminars in KC today. Maybe I'll find someone to complain to about that, and see if it will be a future move for them.
I like smooth jazz, classic rock, classics, hard rock.
"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." ~ Bob Marley

If any of you all would like to add me, please do. I would like to share with you all. Its been hard finding people with the same interests as me.
The Fall are the best band in the world. In fact any band from Manchester will do me, from take that to the Stone Roses. Two great resurrections.
I'm a music fan, Rock, Prog and Metal mostly. Also variations there of. Like some classical too.Hate X-Factor and similar shows full of nothing but average karaoke singers.
all music speaks to the soul
+Kol Tregaskes Rock, Prog, Garage, Rockabilly, Country Blues, Hard Bop, Psychobilly and on and on and on ..... chamber, NOLA traditional, Texas Blues ....
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