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Mark Cadwaladr
Definition: Mark - from Mars, war-like; Cadwaladr - Great Leader or Battle Planner.
Definition: Mark - from Mars, war-like; Cadwaladr - Great Leader or Battle Planner.

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My mate +Rob Sampson 's blog. Manchester's finest Oi Polloi's latest edition of the mighty Rig Out with photography from uber modest Neil Bedford and words from Gary Warnett & others.

If you appreciate great clobber and a change from run o' the mill, tawdry lookbooks: this one's for you.

Nice to see Manchester digital types appearing in here. Wish there was some auto-discovery or alerting.

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Mark Cadwaladr changed his profile photo.

That's it: I'm keeping my Facebook page going until Windows Phone 7 Mango update brings deep Twitter integration, then it gets cleared down. Unfortunately I need it for work so it can't be closed but I'll cease use and clear out contacts.

Google+ fixes for me the reason why I can't use Facebook fully and is far, far more me.

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MFDs ain't nuttin' to #%&$ wit!
It still makes me giggle that all the printers in YouTube's HQ are named after members of the Wu-Tang Clan.

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reshared to remind myself
The sharing changes +Kelly Ellis mentioned earlier today are starting to roll out:

1) The next time you share something, you'll see a dialog explaining how to edit or delete your post, or disable comments or reshares.

2) When you try to share a limited post, you'll see a friendly reminder to be thoughtful about who you're sharing with.

3) You can't share limited posts publicly. (You can still share limited posts with other individuals and circles.)

And just to reiterate: as the author you always have the option of disabling reshares entirely on a given post. Just click the triangle menu at the top right of your post, and select "Disable reshare."

Thanks again for the feedback everyone!
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909 on the LOLometer
How to troll friends and family using Google+
Step 1) Randomly divide everyone you know into two separate circles.
Step 2) Post to circle 1 that you just got an awesome new job.
Step 3) Post to circle 2 that you just contracted some disease.
Step 4) Post to your extended circles that "Tomorrow is my last day".
Step 5) Watch resulting comment battle between the two groups.
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