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Moving to a rolling KDE release repository. 

With the release of KDE 4.12.4 (expected coming Tuesday), the openSUSE KDE:Release:xy Repositories will be consolidated into a single KDE:Current repository, where you can find the current KDE SC Release. 

We believe that with this step, it would be easier for people to track the current KDE SC release and stay up-to-date without the need to change repositories. 

openSUSE KDE users will have now the choice between four options:
1) Remain with the KDE version delivered with their openSUSE release (of course with maintenance updates as that we did for 12.3 and 13.1)
2) Move to KDE:Current and stay always up-to-date with the current KDE Release. Update releases (e.g. 4.12.4) will be delivered directly to this repo, other releases will be delivered with some delay to enable some more testing
3) Move to KDE:Distro:Factory where we prepare and test the new releases. This includes Betas and RC's.
4) For the very brave under us, they can move to KDE:Unstable:SC where we are tracking the upcoming KDE Release (git snapshots).

The old KDE:Release:XY repositories will be marked as DISCONTINUED and build packages will be removed.
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+Aljaž Kolšek How do you mean KDE SC Packages is not working yet ?  If you mean the new repository, then it is indicated in the post that this will be as of Tuesday with the release of KDE 4.12.4
Oh yeah, I was a bit too excited and I missed the part with the tuesday. Anyway, thanks for the information. :)
Great move! As a KDE user I'm extremely glad for moving from my former distro to +openSUSE. The level of care is unparalleled.
Will this show up in SuSE Studio soon?
I guess yes, but I am not sure. Never used SuSE Studio myself, but my guess is that it doesn't show up as that the repository itself is not published yet ?
Great! openSUSE is still the most user friendly Distro ever.
Great news - sticking with older versions of KDE hasn't made sense since 4.x - every version is that little bit better/refined than the last  - unless your running 4.12.x now your missing out - why ? Stability isn't really a reason - with opensource bugs get found/get fixed...
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