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Contact Sync for almost Everyone
Contact Sync for almost Everyone

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CONTACT Anleitung aktualisiert
siehe unten: TIMER Integration

Aufgaben lassen sich zeitlich in der Tabelle planen und per E-Mail ändern.

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Erinnerungen an Kontakte verschieben
Wie geht das nochmal per E-Mail?

Wenn man Kontaktdaten per E-Mail geschickt hat, möchte aber die Erinnerung aus irgend einem Grund nach hinten verschieben, dann braucht man nur auf die Erinnerung zu antworten, z.B. .1d oder .1Tag.

Damit ein anderer im Team (Herz-Blatt) erinnert wird antwortet man z.B. .Max

Im Herz-Blatt kann "Max Muster" stehen. Solange nur einer mit dem Namen "Max" in der Liste steht, wird der Richtige für die Erinnerung eingetragen.

Ebenso lässt sich die Aufgabe ändern, z.B. ..Neue Aufgabenbeschreibung

Es darf natürlich kein formatierter Text geschickt werden. Formatierungen können nur zum Teil richtig interpretiert werden. Wenn man Kontaktdaten kopiert hat, ist es deshalb ratsam, die Formatierungen vorher aus der E-Mail zu löschen. Dazu einfach den Text markieren, neben dem blauen "Senden" schalter auf das Symbol mit dem unterstrichenen "A" klicken und danach auf das Symbol "Tx" am Rand.


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Chrome OS Experience
it must be easy to duplicate

Duplication is the most powerful concept of all, when it comes to services that are supposed to work for the masses. Thx +Paolo Amoroso for sharing this experience.

We have used power wash on Chromebooks too. Most problems disappear after the next OS Release is rolled out. In general it is a good feeling to know, if it can not be fixed this way, it takes an upgrade to be fixed. But the amount of time for this conclusion is limited to max 15 minutes.

Windows devices seem to become as easy to maintain, but the investment is much more and updates require a good internet connection, more data volume and more time.
I powerwashed my Chromebox
I always avoided powerwashing as I assumed it would involve a lot of work but I finally powerwashed my ASUS Chromebox. Here’s why and how it went.

I’ve been using the Chromebox daily for the past 20 months or so, since Sep 14, 2015. It has always been pretty stable and consistently responsive but, over the past few months, I experiences minor issues such as occasional crashes, authentication issues, and frequent spontaneous deactivations of the Inbox by Gmail extension.

So I took the plunge and decided to powerwash, hoping it would fix a couple of other issues such as the inability to cast to Hangout on Air sessions or display the device frame in the Chrome dev tools.

How it went
It went well and it actually took less than I thought.

I had configured the device to synchronize everything. In addition the Downloads folder on the local storage was empty, so there was nothing to do before starting. The powerwash itself was pretty fast on my i3 Chromebox, I got the signup screen a dozen or so seconds after confirming the reset. See the confirmation dialog in the screenshot.

What happened later
Within a minute or so of signing into the freshly powerwashed device I got all my previous settings and preferences. Here’s all I had to reconfigure manually:

- re-create a couple shelf shortcuts that had lost the icons
- set the wallpaper
- turn off sync in Google Drive, which the reset had turned back on
- set a few Chrome preferences such as the keyboard language and disabling the automatic spell check
- re-open the half a dozen tabs and windows I leave permanently open
- sign into Wi-Fi (I use an Ethernet connection but keep Wi-Fi as a backup)
- pair my Bluetooth headphones again
- grant access to the webcam to a couple of extensions
- sign in again into the few websites I visit frequently such as Feedly, Twitter, and Telegram

Some of these things are browser-related and it’s expected they have to be reconfigured. What surprised me is the system didn’t keep my tabs and windows open even if I had set the Chrome preferences to restart from the latest configuration. No big deal though.

All in all it took me 5-10 minutes after signing up back into the device to fully restore my previous configuration, including a couple of minutes I spent troubleshooting an apparent missing audio issue from the loudspeakers connected to the Chromebox.

The powerwash didn’t fix the cast and device frame issues, which are likely actual Chrome OS bugs. And the Inbox by Gmail extension keeps spontaneously deactivating. Also, it’s difficult to tell whether there are any responsiveness or performance improvements.

An immediate benefit is the free space on the 16 GB SSD local storage jumped from about 6 GB to 9.2 GB. I use it only for temporary files I delete within hours or days.

This experience gave me more confidence in powerwashing as a troubleshooting option. I’ll do it again if needed.

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Your Data = Your Knowledge
most valuable to link virtual and real world

Would you know how to prevent data mining processes from depleting your assets? If you would be a specialist using any social media platform to exchange with your peers on a given subject, would you know when to leave the public space and migrate into a private environment?

If specialists are involved in training AI they should at least be payed for their service. But why should the platform pay, if the specialists are dumb enough to ignore the processes, that they can neither see nor feel.

The attached information told us, how small the hurdles we are facing are compared to those related to transportation and logistics.

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What kind of Digital Assistance would help you in your business?
what are the frequently asked questions, the assistant would have to answer?

Thinking about that might raise your awareness on how much data you would have to entrust to an online platform in order to utilize the assistant function.

The DIGI takes this into account. It is not as intelligent as the kind of digital assistance described in the attached post, but it already supports standard workflows. The DIGI is a software as a service, that supports frequently required skills. And in addition, it is not just about support for individual performance but a collaborative effort.

In order to achieve this, the concepts of online collaboration needs to be understood, as well as the the value of data. Trying to benefit from online marketing without a concept that protects the assets the chances are, that digital platforms like Facebook, that are also dedicated to anticipating the needs of the customers will harvest each and every contribution that the expert on a certain subject will provide in order to attract a new customer or serve existing ones.

We have evidence to recommend that a business owner should not only learn how online marketing works, but also how to use G Suite to organize a team.

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Take this Quota into account
if you are after rapid growth

The number of new users per day is limited. 
Are you a serious add-on developer?
A recent new quota could be affecting your revenues.

If your add-ons are using a G Suite business account this does NOT affect you, but if you have used a Gmail account to publish your add-on, it does affect you.

Let's say you have five existing add-ons with 10,000 users each, and you typically see 200 new users a day. However, with the new quota, you are limited to only 50 -- not per add-on but all add-ons using a Gmail account.

One solution is to migrate from your Gmail accounts to G Suite Business because the quota is 5,000 -- but wait. You cannot! There is no migration path available. Well, you could create a new add-ons through a business account, but then you may lose all those users.

Stephane Giron submitted this issue on the Issue Tracker. I also added a possible solution to it that would involve Google to use whitelisting. Please consider starring this issue. Thank you.

+Stéphane Giron +Romain Vialard +Bruce Mcpherson +Martin Hawksey +Riël Notermans +Waqar Ahmad +Spencer Easton

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If it can be done with Sharepoint and Office 365
it can be done with G Suite and Apps Script too

...unless Microsoft Dynamics CRM is to be taken into account.

By the way +Peter G McDermott looks for some help with Microsoft PowerApps, a development tool similar to Google App Maker.


Peter does a great job promoting himself, his employer and the Microsoft platform. Does anybody know a similar story about Google Team Drive?
Had a great time with the folks from Microsoft talking about our use of Office365 and SharePoint at +Marriott International. Check it the story here:

#Office365 #Microsoft #SharePoint

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Falsche Eingaben korrigieren
Ich habe zu spät bemerkt das ich eine falsche Antwort geschickt habe

Die Antworten werden in der Ziele-Tabelle im Bullet-Blatt gespeichert ⬤ und können nachträglich geändert werden.

Name : Ziele-Blatt
Nummer : Nummer der Regel
Zeitstempel : Wann geantwortet wurde, ändern wenn der Wert für den Vormonat gilt
Wert : Wieviel
Eigentümer : Für wen zählt das Ergebnis?
Mitarbeiter : Bei Teamzielen, wer hat das Ergebnis erbracht
Notizen ; beliebiger Text z.B. als Erfolgsjournal

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Das ist doch das Ziel für den Monat
sollte aber nur das für die Woche sein

Der Fehler ist behoben - danke für den Hinweis. Morgen sieht das "Bullet-Journal" wieder richtig aus.

Eine Frage war auch: "Was ist ein Bullet-Journal?"

Ein Vorteil des DIGI ist, es ist einfach die Ziele an die eigenen, aktuellen Möglichkeiten anzupassen und sich ein kleinen Schritten zu steigern.

Der Fehler war übrigens, das statt der Woche, der Bericht für den Monat erstellt worden ist, der dann richtig gewesen wäre.

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Dynamic Pricing
do you like it?

When demand is up, the price went's up. This is how +Uber , Amazon, Google AdWords are working. Imagine your service would work like this. Would you be able to benefit from it, without a provider like the one attached to this post?

Your would need a system, that knows in real time, e.g. how many tickets are sold, what the demand will be and how much capacity is left. With G Suite and a standard app for e-ticket handling, this would be possible for your business, even if it is small.
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