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Definitely NOT The Orient Express
My bed folded back into seats Turns out those young guys weren't a problem at all -- really very nice as a matter of fact. Yes, they did stay up talking until after 1 a.m., BUT the real problem was the train itself. The bed was rock hard with a tiny pillow ...

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The Da Vinci Code stops
Church of St. Sulpice altar While in Paris, I decided to continue to explore and found the Church of St. Sulpice. After being a bit disappointed with Notre Dame, I didn't know what to expect, but it was really beautiful. Obelisk marking the Rose Line In the...

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A Little Catch-up
Musee d'Orsay from the Seine I really collapsed early last night; I think I was asleep by 8:30 and slept about 11 hours.  But -- yesterday: I went to the Musee d'Orsay, which I really liked. From the hotel, it's a pretty easy walk through the Tuilleries, pa...

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Auf Wiedersehen Germany
Lovely last day in Germany -- I actually hate to leave, but looking forward to my overnight train ride to Amsterdam. Spent many hours in the train station this evening and, at one point, policemen came into the waiting lounge to check a bag that was unatten...

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Last Day in Germany
Ticket machine for tram system Tram in Munich How awesome it was to not set an alarm last night! Slept in this morning and celebrated my last day in Germany with some liverwurst for breakfast. Dropped my luggage and coat in a very small locker at Hbf and ju...

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Tour of Dachau
Work Makes (You) Free As previously mentioned, Dachau is now a Concentration Camp Memorial because the vast majority of the camp is now gone. You enter through the gate with the famous 'Work Sets You Free' gate, and the first impression is how incredibly hu...

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Munich Miscellany
I totally love Munich (aside from the massive amount of construction that's going on). Some random thoughts: Loving the food in Germany -- just like being at home. Radler is a wonderful discovery as a beverage They have stores called Drogerie, which is a bi...

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Tours in Munich
My Australian friend Carolyn Arch Jumped on the tram this morning after studying the machine and the maps - 4 stops later I was at the Hbf. Got some stamps for my postcards for Jack (giant pretzel) and Alex (soccer stadium) and mailed the postcards right aw...

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Day 1 in Munich
I've learned how to get around and have my confidence back! The tram stop is right around the corner from the hotel and my open window. I could hear them through the night but couldn't see them. The hotel is only 4 stops from Hbf -- really quite easy. Old C...

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On to Munich
After a wonderful day in Hohenschwangau, I was able to catch the bus to Munich during which I was Love these little gummy bears! able to pull together some miscellaneous thoughts again: The waiters are in no rush to move you along in restaurants. Sometimes ...
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