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Imprest Business Services
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Thinking about having a Geek Week at the shop in Kalamunda. What do you think - any ideas?
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Grand Opening this Sat/Sun for our shop in Kalamunda Central Mall!! This is a shared shop, with Lilly Leaf Candles and +Imprest Business Services   (stationery & gifts). Find us opposite the Commonwealth bank car park on Central Road.
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Considering an Asset Purchase for your Business?? From 1 July 2012, small businesses will be able to write-off depreciating assets costing less than $6500 (up from $1000). If you are thinking of purchasing a low value asset between $1000 and $6500 for your business, to get a cash flow advantage you may wish to delay the purchase until after 30 June 2012.
Imprest Business Services provide professional bookkeeping and administration services for small to medium business. Located in Joondalup and Kalamunda.
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Finding it time-consuming managing your employee super-annuation obligations? …there is a better way!

Business Tip: Streamline Your Super:

Instead of paying superannuation contributions into the fund nominated by each employee (which can be quite time-consuming particularly where, as is often the case, employees in the same company nominate different funds from one another) use the Government’s Small Business Superannuation Clearing House instead!
Introduced on 1 July 2010, the Clearing House streamlines your employee superannuation obligations by allowing you to pay all Superannuation Guarantee contributions to a single location – Medicare Australia. Having made these payments, your obligations are complete. Medicare Australia is then responsible for distributing the amounts to each of your employees’ nominated superannuation funds. Put simply, the Clearing House facility takes the hassle out of super.
Having been operational for more than one year now, 98% of surveyed employers using the Clearing House are satisfied with the service.
To register for this free service, visit the MedicareAustralia website.
Small Business Superannuation Clearing House - A free service to small businesses with less than 20 employees. The Australian Government is offering a free superannuation clearing house service to sma...
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Most businesses have a little down time over the holidays. Take the time to review your cash flow to ensure that your bank balance doesn't take a holiday too! Even if you are working - your customers may not be so it is best to check with them and see if your payment can be made before the Christmas break.
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BIG News!! Coming soon... Imprest Stationery & Gifts!! We are opening a store in Kalamunda - joining forces with Lilly Leaf Candles. Watch this space for more info on the opening.
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The introduction of the carbon tax on 1 July represents the biggest tax shake-up since the GST commenced in 2000. Find out how it will affect your business.
Imprest Business Services provide professional bookkeeping and administration services for small to medium business. Located in Joondalup and Kalamunda.
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Bookkeeping (Or Marketing) Tip:

Your invoices and statements are prime opportunity to let your customers know more about your products and services. You can easily customise them to include this information - at no extra cost to your business!
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Yes! And for some added impact - Businesses could consider getting a designer (Like +C6 Media Solutions ) to design a custom banner that can be added as an image.
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Imprest Business Services would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Advanced MYOB Tip for Cashflow Analysis:

Create a monthly or quarterly recurring transaction for certain costs or liability payments. (You don't even need to post the transaction) for a nominal monthly, quarterly amount.
The recurring transaction must credit a bank account and debit an expense account, and be set to re occur indefinitely on a monthly or quarterly basis, etc.
The MYOB cash flow analysis will then include this recurring expense monthly or quarterly and will decrease the amount of cash available as required.
This will also work using Business insights in Version 19 of MYOB.
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Imprest Business Services are your small business specialists. As a small team of bookkeepers, we take care of business recordkeeping and BAS lodgements so that you can get back to doing what you do best - running your business!

We also specialise in providing reports and tools which allow you to track how your business is performing and give you the management information needed to make good business decisions.

Located in Joondalup & Kalamunda, Western Australia. 

  •  Bookkeeping 
  •  BAS Agents 
  •  Training
  •  Admin Services 
  •  MYOB Products 
  •  Sylish Home Office Stationery 
  •  Corporate Gifts/Gadgets
Please visit our website for online ordering and delivery anywhere in Australia or to arrange an obligation free consultation.

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