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The Printing future!

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If your shiz gets stolen, you can track it!

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Water, water everywhere

Do you know why liquids are my favorite subject to shoot? Because I can never be sure what exactly I'll get when pressing a shutter release. At best, I can only predict...
Comparing to the rest of studio photography, working with liquids probably is the most challenging, as there is no WYSWYG thing here. When aiming for a particular shape, I may shoot hundreds and hundreds shots till I get something which will work.
But still, I love it. It is like digging cave in search for gemstones: you can never be sure what you'll get next time, and there is so much of excitement when you got something spectacular!

Enjoy, the liquids: how I see them through the camera:-)
P.S If you are interested, BTS from the shots and tutorials is here:
Liquid photography (81 photos)
81 Photos - View album

"It's just like chemistry - you put in a hard day's work, and you end up with sh*t on your shoes."
-H. Nelson
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