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Carolyn Priest-Dorman
Independent scholar, string geek, dream weaver
Independent scholar, string geek, dream weaver
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My nearest neighbor and his parents are now separated by executive order.


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I fed Trump's interview with David Muir (just Trump's words, not also Muir's) into the word cloud generator at, and this is what came out.


And there it is, at 4:28pm between one refresh and the next.

Argh. Time to figure out how to tweak Google+ all over again.

Goodbye, old Google+.  When I wake up in the morning, I expect you'll  already be gone.

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From the project manager for Google+, here's our absolute deadline for "classic" G+ leaving the building.

Read to the end: it's in the last paragraph.

When you share feedback, we listen. (If you're in doubt, take a look at Luke's post on all our recent updates: We're excited to share some more big updates with you today. Check out the changes we're making so the new Google+ works even better for you!

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I custom ordered a batch of these silicon bracelets.  They arrived yesterday, and I will be handing them out to interested parties.

Distressed to see the vendor made much of their USA business but (unlike at least one other vendor) didn't mention they have the bands made in China.  Next batch I buy will be from a different vendor.
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I understand it all so much more clearly now!

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New Rule for Movie Theaters

I only recently put The Hill on RSS feed. But if they put out an article like this every time the Federal Register comes out, that could be one of the most useful features of my governance feed. I certainly had no idea this accessibility rule was coming down the pike!

Friday’s edition of the Federal Register contains new rules for movie theaters....

Movies: The Department of Justice (DOJ) is moving forward with new requirements for movie theaters.

Movie theaters must now provide closed captioning and audio descriptions for customers who are deaf or blind.

The rule goes into effect in 45 days.

From the DOJ rule summary (pdf linked in article)::

The rule requires that movie theater auditoriums provide closed movie captioning and audio description when showing a digital movie distributed with such features unless doing so would result in an undue burden or a fundamental alteration. The rule requires movie theaters to have a specified number of captioning devices and audio description devices based on the number of auditoriums in the movie theater that show digital movies. The rule does not impose any specific requirements for movie theater auditoriums that exhibit analog movies exclusively.

The broadband privacy regulation (again, pdf linked in the article) is even more relevant. The Hill is definitely earning its keep as an information source for what's happening in Washington.

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Here's another potential recipient for your end-of-year charitable contributions.

So this year, we have set a new goal: to create a copy of Internet Archive’s digital collections in another country. We are building the Internet Archive of Canada because, to quote our friends at LOCKSS, “lots of copies keep stuff safe.”

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This opinion piece in the L.A. Times is worth blowing one of your five monthly free views to read in its entirety.

In the first debate, Clinton proved she could be as gentle a woman as the country’s men wanted; in the second debate, she’d proved she could be as measured a leader as the country’s people needed; and in the third, she proved she could be as authentically annoyed as she deserved.

In three acts, Clinton demonstrated the unlearning process that guides many American women’s experiences: performing for men, leading for others, living true-to-self.

We’ve never witnessed such a compressed, gendered metamorphosis in American political life. For many women, Clinton’s movement toward her own power is a historical moment. We’ll remember where we were when fire took our shape.

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