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What is this? I went to Uni twice. My wife three times. I don't know of anyone out of any of my friends who have experienced anything like this and most of my friends have at least one degree. We all went to Australian Universities but my in-law went to an Australian and then a US uni.

Nada, nothing, nyet, no, nowt. Not one person I know has experienced anything like this. Is it just endemic in some Universities?

I just don't get it.
'Nothing short of an American tragedy': arrests after drum major beaten to death on bus
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Presumably Oz doesn't have a Greek letter organisation system/tradition, or something similar?
Not that I've ever come across +Dave Pearson

There were various groups, but mostly things like invisible friends cults and music groups etc.

I was 'older' when I first went to Uni (in my 20s) and have never been a person likely to conform easily. I've been known to prefer no friends to joining in with dick heads.
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