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You start up your computer and you get this ominous sequence of full screen messages:

    We've updated your computer
    All your files are exactly where you've left them

You nearly have a heart attack as you realize your computer has been pwned by ransomware. You panic and quickly yank the plug on your computer.

But wait, it turns out this is how Microsoft tells you a new Windows update has been applied. Who at Microsoft thought this was a good idea?

I'm beginning to think that the best general purpose sort for C++ isn't quick-sort, heap-sort, intro-sort, tim-sort, or merge-sort. It's comb-sort.

Why? Because it's nearly as fast as other sorts and yet is significantly smaller code. std::sort expands to much more binary code than an equivalent comb sort. We experimented today with switching Madden 2014 from eastl::sort to eastl::comb_sort and got 175K of binary savings (PS3/XBox 360 PowerPC-based platforms).

Now that both FireFox and Chrome have built-in alternative PDF viewers, I can finally dump Adobe Acrobat (which seems to require a security update every few days).

I'll be impressed with a Hollywood movie when it convinces me that two unattractive people are in love with each other.

I have a fun idea for an encryption algorithm, for the purpose of defeating Chinese government blocking encryption algorithms: the algorithm outputs text as opposed to binary data, including protocol headers.
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