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Renee “Sosanna” Olson
Weaving Wire, Life and Magic.
Weaving Wire, Life and Magic.

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Witchy Wednesday - Protection from Harm
We have heard the old saying, "A Witch that cannot hex cannot heal."  I am a firm believer in that. Healing to me is a form of proactive protection.  We need to be able to set up wards and mirror negative energies back out to those attacking us.  This week ...

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Macro Spring - A Witch's View
Here it is, the middle of February and I have my windows open.  I have on a short sleeve shirt and am outside taking photos of my budding plants.  The weather certainly has gone a bit haywire from just a few years ago.  We're expected to reach 79 degrees to...

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Witchy Wednesday - Disagreeing with Pagans
Over the last ten to twelve years I have been exposed to many types of people in the Pagan-ish community.  I say Pagan-ish because the term Pagan is often time up for dispute as to what actually is and is not Pagan .  When I use the word Pagan, I am referri...

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Glass, Wire & Magic - A Witch's View
This week I wanted to spend some time showing what I have been working on with my jewelry.  I met a gentleman in a wire weave group on Facebook who makes these amazing glass eyes.  Marcel does really fantastic work and I am very lucky to have connected with...

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Handmade Glass Eyes with Tarnished Copper Wire Wrap.

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Witchy Wednesday - In the Woods
It was a pretty challenging week last week.  From the infighting among other Pagans and Witches about the election and immigration to trying to deal with the forced estrangement that my child has put on me to some pretty significant changes at work I feel l...

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Politics & Facebook - A Witch's View
This week has been pretty tumultuous in politics.  We have seen the POTUS actually ban an entire group of people based on their national origin which directly violates out Constitution. While everyone seems to have an opinion on this action, I believe few s...

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Witchy Wednesday - What to Write?
I have to confess, this Witchy Wednesday topic is proving to be a challenge for me.  I am having a lot of real life struggles getting in the way of me completely a solid blog post each week. Frankly our political system is in turmoil and it has me completel...

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Fries and Filigree - A Witch's View
This week we spent sometime testing out different root vegetable fries.  There is a really good reason that you only get French Fries when you're out.  Well at least for the most part.  Hubby and I go to Fiction Kitchen in Raleigh from time to time to have ...

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Witchy Wednesday - Spells
Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.  ~William Shakespeare ~ Macbeth This week we're talking about spells.  Specifically banishment or binding spells.  Now some people believe that you shouldn't do magic on people without their c...
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