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How to please the Lord

Prahalad pleads he doesn’t want to become a merchant in his relationship with God. Furthermore he explains that devotees who approach God for material desires are not pure devotees and even a master who satisfies the material desires of his devotee with a desire to maintain his prestigious position, is not a pure master either. He begs the Lord to let his relationship with Him remain as that of a servant and master. Read more on website.

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Cultivating the mood of ‘helplessness’

A mother or father is obliged to personally appear before the child when it helplessly cries for the parent. Similarly the Lord situated in our hearts silently witnesses not only our activities, but also our deepest thoughts and desires. When He sees we are sincerely depending on Him for our advancement in spiritual life, He certainly reciprocates.

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Be humble or get Humbled

Humility is a choice; humiliation is forced upon.  Unfortunately for most of us, humiliation comes before humility. To save ourselves from the pain of humiliation, we could opt for humility. How do we do that?

Simple; 1) Offer respect and appreciation for others, 2) Don’t expect the world to honour you, 3) Be internally anchored on Krishna Consciousness principles.

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Going beyond a devotee’s externals

Recently I heard of a young devotee-who I knew and disliked for some unknown reason-dying in a ghastly accident. As he was riding his bike on the highway, a giant bus speeding from the opposite direction, hit him head on, and while being rushed to the hospital, he breathed his last. The bus passengers, strangers that they were, felt amazed as they recalled how this boy gasped for breath and intensely chanted Krishna’s Holy Names during his final moments.Read more on website.

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Is remembering Krishna easy?
I have often heard and read in Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita that the goal of all spiritual practises is to be able to remember God always. But is remembrance of the Lord so easy? Is it some mechanical or mental adjustment of the mind or is it a gift given by Krishna Himself?

This question got answered recently when I heard a beautiful class of Srila Prabhupada (July 1’ 1972, San Deigo)in which he emphasized how as devotees of Krishna we need to strive to remember Krishna twenty four hours daily. Read more on website.
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