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Okay, i need tips, and lots of them. Please just bombard me with any tips in drawing manga! ;)
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If you mean like drawing thumbnails to layout the pages. Yeah, that's a good plan and all part of the comic making process. Thumbnails should be done quickly. Like an hour to layout three to five comic pages. Then a day or two to finish one complete page. Less than a week to finish a short story. Real professional manga artists work insane hours a week. They're lucky if they get a day or two off a month. If you can't dedicate a least forty hours a week to drawing comics, then its probably not for you. Drawing a few complete short stories will give you a tiny glimps of what you're in for and how to manage your time so it's good to get a few of them under your belt and prove to yourself you can do it.
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Have her in circles
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Have her in circles
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