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Patrick Newman
Happily married scuba diver, geocacher, cruiser and finicky foodie. Follow me on my blog at:
Happily married scuba diver, geocacher, cruiser and finicky foodie. Follow me on my blog at:

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Playing with fire...
How many times have you been told that, growing up? "You're playing with fire, kid, ya better stop before you get burned."  Of course "fire" could be, well, actual fire, or it could be more figurative, such as misbehaving in front of the relatives or teasin...

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The Flaming Zombie Bowl
Most of y'all consider this past weekend to be some variation of "Super Bowl Sunday," or something like that. While that holds true, for the most part, to me as well, it's only partially descriptive of what all transpired over that glorious end of the work ...

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year
Admit it, some of you read that
title in Johnny Mathis’
voice , didn’t you? Yes, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! I love Christmas…..a LOT! We
celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and that, my esteemed readers, is the
whole reason for the s...

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Advent Ghosts 2016 flash fiction
Back in October, author  Eric Douglas sent me a challenge to
write some “flash fiction” that he hosts on his web page. He does this every
October for Halloween, and naturally I was all for it. You can find this year’s
collection from his page here .
This wa...

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Meet Stumpy
Believe it or not, I’m typically
not a “bandwagon” type of person. In fact, I try very hard not to go along with a given fad, just for the sake of joining all
the others. Hairstyles, specific brands of jeans, and games/toys come to mind
as fad items that I’...

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Backstage with Mutzie
When I started writing these
conversations, or interviews, I had no idea just how much fun they’d be. Yes, I
enjoy writing in general, obviously, but having the chance to get to know these
people a little better and sharing some insight has been rewarding t...

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Halloween Flash Fiction
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know..... I promised the next blog would be Mutzie's interview. I've been juggling several other writing projects, though, and this one had a firm deadline of TODAY. Happy Halloween, by the way. This is a "flash fiction" story of exactly...

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Flash fiction or novel, Mr. Douglas knows how to write a good #scuba  story!

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A fellow geocacher who's been blogging about his travels.

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From Thibodaux to Weslaco
I mentioned in my previous
blog that the next topic would be my interview with Mutzie . Well, slight change of
plans, y’all. This blog will be about our latest road trip to the Valley, and
the next blog after this will be Mutzie’s interview. I wanted to tak...
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