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Does anyone know if it's possible to search EXIF data in #AutoBackup photos that Google Plus has uploaded?

Eg, show me pictures taken with iPhone on Sunday
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Well, a month later and I finally had the balls to update my Nexus S to Android 4.0.3 / ICS

Very straight forward, I wish I'd done it sooner. I really wonder why it's not ready been released over the air to me. Should I blame Google or Vodafone? The real "Google Experience" is not as advertised!

Used the official release in the end, not cyanogenmod.

After a few app updates it's all working great. One issue with one free app - SMS Backup seems to crash every time it tries to backup sms. Not ideal! Though it is a great little app, assuming you don't have ICS!

[edit] Now fixed SMS issue with a new App - SMS Backup+

How to:
OS Image:
SMS Backup:
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Classic quote below! I noticed the same - the kidz seem more interested in the latest games than some basic coding fun (Especially on a very public terminal :) ):

10 INPUT "What is your name: ", n$
20 FOR I = 1 TO 99999
30 PRINT n$ ; " is a dum dum head "

They don't even appreciate the classics like Missile Command / Space Invaders / Pong.

On ICT: "Apparently it’s pointless too, because all young people are Digital Natives dontcha know? Feral, digital children are meant to be running rings around me daily, making me look foolish with their mad iSkillz and occasional battle rap. Which is odd, because despite talking to hundreds of young people every week I have yet to witness this."
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Sick of waiting for Google to give me Android 4 / ICS on my Nexus S. Especially now there's a Chrome Beta to play with.

Shame really. Almost a year ago I chose to go with the out of date and under-specced Nexus S over much better (including dual core) alternatives so that I would get the "Google Experience" - access to the latest Android updates without having to wait for manufacturer [x] to release their version.

Guess I'll have to do it myself:
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A shameless but honest review for free stuff. -

I host a hand full of small websites - sites I've either built or host for friends or local businesses. About 18 months ago I got to the point of frustration with regular 'reseller accounts'. I had no control other than cpanel/whm. Shared hosts (quite reasonably) don't generally give out root (or even basic shell) access so I could never do exactly what I wanted in the way I wanted.

Enter I was introduced to by a friend, +Dan Moss, and I slowly began to persuade myself. With the ability to add a daily node (a set guarenteed proportion of a cpu and a quantity of ram and bandwdith) for £1 per day with no commitment I decided to give it a go. Ten minutes later I'd chosen a prebuilt OS template from a list of many and had setup my first vps and switched to monthly nodes.

I found a bug causing the OS to not recognise the provided swapspace in the specific image I'd used but the knowledgable support team helped me identify and fix my installation and their base image without breaking stride.

I only really ever had one problem with Fairly regularly (almost monthly in the early days), my vps went down for a few hours with no explanation. It seemed to be up to me to first notice that it was down and then take action to get it back. This hasn't happened for 4 months, and even then it was less frequent than it used to be. They are continually making improvements - bring in new tech, upgrading and growing. So with the announced upgrades to the older cloud locations coming very soon bringing better monitoring and management, among other things, I am confident that these issues are in the past.

In addition to cloud servers they offer Cloud/Geo hosting and CDNs. I've not used these so I can't judge first hand but looking through the pricing structures and specs I see some great deals. For example, for what is effectively a global multi-location, reduntant and automatlcally scaleing web host you could be paying £15 per month.

One of my favourite things about is unrelated to their excellent hosting technologies. It's in communications. You can email management directly - their email address is published. You can also actually reply to their email shots and rather than it boucing it gets read by a real person. Both of these actions result in questions being answered clearly and quickly and concerns being addressed.

All in all - 18 months on they are still my only host. I recommend them to friends as the first option and consider it my default option for any new projects. That says more than anything above.
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Wow - early days for the (consumer) tech, but massive potential.

From the description below it sounds a bit Rowlingesque. But it actually means to capture light field information (vector) as well as the usual (colour and intensity) to enable focusing adjustments after the photo has been taken.
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Is Facebook taking a massive step in the right direction?

Among others:
> [View profile as other user] This tool is now on the top of your profile where it's easier to access.
> The control for who can see each post will be right inline.
> Existing users will retain their current default sharing settings. (From )

Inspired by G+ or unrelated? Either way, everyone wins.
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The fact that this is financially viable both scares and intrigues.

"We are running through the United States with dynamite and rock saws so an algorithm can close the deal three microseconds faster, all for a communications system that no humans will ever see," said Mr Slavin.
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@gmpolice have been tweeting names and dates of birth (DOB) of people arrested for burning stuff and stealing things in the last few days.!/gmpolice

This is a pretty clear demonstration of what we already knew - that DOB is public record.

So why does Verify by Visa only require the details on your card and your DOB to reset your password?

Why is DOB ever used as any part of any security or authentication systems?

And why is the snippet G+ created below in French?!
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