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Johan D
Kunstschilder met een passie voor licht
Kunstschilder met een passie voor licht


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Sharp as a Shark
For the next 3 weeks, I will be posting a lot less because I have to focus on some private projects that are taking up most of my time. But don't worry, I'm not leaving ya :p In fact, I'll be sharp as a shark! Focus is key and sometimes one must make decisi...

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Back on track
This is actually the first page of a new sketchbook I'll be using on my saturday morning sessions. I've not ever worked on any of the Stillman & Birn sketchbooks, but the paper feels nice and stiff. It seems thick enough for watercolor and the ink of the pi...

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Say no to violence
Bought some cheapo gold markers today. Then I hugged my wife because today is a very bad day. My thoughts are with the families that lost their loved one(s), and with those that are suffering terribly now, struggling to survive the Paris masacre. I say no t...

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Trial & Error reworked
I reworked the design in an effort to solve the problems that the first design had. The spacing between the 3content blocks is now even. Then there was the problem within the word "TRIAL", where the letters were causing some unbalanced effect due to the nat...

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Trial and Error
a craft is all about trial and error. It is by making mistakes and hopefully
learning from them, we become better at what we do. The goal is to get certain
actions, methods and principles in our long term memory. This can only be
achieved —at least...

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What’s your best investment of the year 2015?
I drive
80km per day to go to work and back home. Five days a week. That’s 400km a week
or –with holidays subtracted- more than 18000km a year. And I’m not alone!
There are a lot of people commuting between home and work by car. It’s actually
a problem that...

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Fatigue is my best friend
Ever since our children were born, my wife and I cannot recall not ever feeling tired. Now that isn't completely true. What we mean by that is that we generally feel tired. When we wake up, during the less busy moments of the day, when taking a break from w...

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Sunny Side Up
I bought some blue W&N ink. Lovely little glass container, nice light blue chroma. It takes a little getting used to though. What I like about this is that you are forced to think about how much ink you take on your pen more than you would using black ink, ...

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I was 2 minutes in my lunchbreak today at work when my boss came in. The lunch break was over. I bought these Pilot parallel pens and I'm practicing with them during my lunch breaks. It's great fun and I hope to be able to show some stuff soon. In the mean ...

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Today is a perfect day to create
In fact, every day is a perfect day, but what I wanted to emphasize is the fact that today, we have. Tomorrow, we don't know. So it's better not to delay until tomorrow. Especially if you are struck by inspiration. I've learned to always write down ideas wh...
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